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Virtual Meetups


iGEM IOANNINA’s project–ANTI-BYE-OTIC–and our project share a similar goal, minimizing the negative impact caused by misusing antibiotics but using different approaches. Both teams presented our projects, discussed problems, and exchanged insights. We helped iGEM IOANNINA collect information about poultry farms in Taiwan for their research and also translated their Project Promotion Video subtitles into Traditional Chinese.

Taiwan iGEM Team Conference 7/3

This year, seven Taiwan iGEM teams participated in a conference hosted by the Chung Shan Medical University team (iGEM CSMU_Taiwan). The conference allowed participants to network, communicate, exchange comments, and brainstorm creative ideas. Presenting our project during the conference, we received constructive feedback from other students which gave us a great opportunity to reflect on our project and make improvements. During the conference, we built potential collaborations with both the NCTU_Formosa and NCKU_Tainan teams. Amazed by other teams’ projects, this fruitful conference has allowed the Taiwan iGEM teams to gather together during the pandemic.

iGEM Korea_HS 7/9 & 8/23

This year iGEM Korea_HS is working on the topic of cell-penetrating peptides (CPPs). Due to our similar research topics, we met on July 9th for the first meeting, discussing our projects’ experimental requirements. Both teams raised questions and exchanged insights on the project direction, sharing topics like how we chose our CPPs, how we conduct our experiments, and whether CPP might degrade in the human body. We also talked about how teams can work amid the Covid-19 pandemic. During the second meeting, our team provided our experimental data on CPPs to iGEM Korea_HS and also discussed topics on educational promotions and entrepreneurship. Through two fruitful meetings, both teams had learned a lot about experimental work and science communication.

iGEM NCTU_Formosa

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How much do you
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Where did the medicine come from?

During the severe period of the epidemic, we got the opportunity to collaborate with iGEM NCTU_Formosa. We collaborated to make two educational videos introducing current events related to synthetic biology to the general public, particularly those without biological background knowledge. The video content includes how a new drug is developed and understanding COVID-19 vaccines, offering up-to-date information.

iGEM Tübingen 8/14 & 9/6

▲ Coarse grained simulation of the protein in water by Team Tübingen

iGEM Tübingen’s project is researching cyclotides that can stabilize AMPs. Both teams presented their projects, exchanged comments, and discussed questions. After diving into more discussion on Drylab collaboration, our team provided project details so iGEM Tübingen could simulate a cyclotides version of our AMPs. Through this stimulation, we tested whether AMP’s structure is stable underwater and gave insight as to the feasibility of using their scaffold for the grafting of our AMPs.

Furthermore, we were invited to join their AMPodcast as guest speakers to share our motivation for participation, how to conduct multidisciplinary collaboration, and what we enjoy the most during the competition.

▲ iGEM Tuebingen AMPodcast

iGEM IISER Kolkata - Meeting 7/23 & 8/26

Since iGEM IISER Kolkata and our team are working on a similar topic–the threat of antimicrobial resistance. We had the first virtual meeting on July 23rd to share both teams’ projects, motivation, and to discuss problems. iGEM IISER Kolkata provided modeling information for the future reference of our Dry Lab.

During the second meeting on August 26th, both teams first shared recent experimental results and then discussed the obstacles met during the lab work. Afterward, we discussed more details of future collaboration ideas. Through two meetings, iGEM IISER Kolkata has provided valuable insights for our laboratory endeavors.

iGEM SZPT- China - Meeting 8/15

iGEM SZPT-China reached out to our team for an online meetup. Both teams are working on a similar topic. Their project aims to create a dressing to overcome Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection during wound repair in burn treatment. During the meeting, we exchanged perspectives on project goals and discussed the dressing preparation process.

iGEMxSDGs Impact Challenge 2021 (iGEM TAS_Taipei)

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are adopted by the United Nations (UN), which are an urgent call for action by all countries [1]. We participated in iGEMxSDGs Impact Challenge 2021, to reflect on how our project achieves the goals and contributes to society through this challenge:

Goal Number 3: Good Health and Well-Being

Abuse of antibiotics can generate antimicrobial resistance (AMR), WHO has declared that AMR is one of the top 10 global public health threats facing humanity [2]. Our project aims to provide new treatment options to reduce antibiotic use.

Goal Number 4: Quality Education

Besides laboratory work, education is our top priority. We ceaselessly advocate for the accountability and accurate knowledge of using antibiotics. Hence, we have designed several attempts to educate different age groups, from students in preschool, to high school, and to the general public.

Goal Number 17: Partnerships for the Goals

Bringing the MR. SA project impact beyond the lab and the competition, we have collaborated with several iGEM teams, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations to make the world a better place together.

Picture Book Collaboration

Picture Book Translation Collaboration

Aiming to promote our picture book beyond Taiwan, we have collaborated with 20 iGEM teams to translate the book–The War on Germs–into different languages, offering a total of 23 languages for readers worldwide to savor the book. For the multilingual content click here.

Arabic Version
by iGEM AFCM-Egypt
Assamese Version
by iGEM IISER_Kolkata
Cantonese Version
Danish Version
by iGEM SDU-Denmark
Dutch Version
by iGEM TU Delft
Estonian Version
by iGEM Estonia_TUIT
French Version
by iGEM Aix-Marseille
German Version
by iGEM Duesseldorf
Greek Version
Hebrew Version
by iGEM TAU_Israel
Hindi Version
by iGEM IISER_Berhampur
Indonesian Version
by iGEM UBrawijaya
Kazakh Version
by iGEM NU_Kazakhstan
Korean Version
by iGEM Korea_HS
Norwegian Version
by iGEM UiOslo_Norway
Portuguese Version
by iGEM USP-Brazil
Simplified Chinese Version
by iGEM SZU-China
Spanish Version
Swedish Version
by iGEM Lund
Turkish Version
by iGEM Bilkent_UNAM


Bringing our idea beyond Taiwan, iGEM SZU-China took the book to kindergarten kids in China through an educational campaign and provided us with some meaningful feedback.

iGEM TU Delft

The team read our picture book (translated into Dutch by iGEM TU Delft) to a small group of children in the Netherlands.

(Due to privacy, the team was not able to take a picture of the activity.)

Connecting iGEMers Through Creative Collaborations

Bringing the creative and artistic side of the team, we participated in several collaborations that have truly embodied the iGEM foundation’s purpose and connected iGEMers worldwide amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

iGEM Duesseldorf - Postcard Exchange

Participating in the worldwide Postcard Project launched by iGEM Duesseldorf, with over 90 teams’ participation, iGEM Duesseldorf has successfully created a sense of global iGEM community.

iGEM IISER_Berhampur - Rise of the Phoenix

Through the–iGEM Warriors - Rise of the Phoenix–initiated by IISER_Berhampur, we drew a hand-drawn comic strip about our project, combining the spirit of Da Shi Ye, the God who fights plague in Minhsiung, Chiayi, Taiwan where CCU_Taiwan is located.

iGEM TU Darmstadt - iJet Challenge

Uniting in one video as many iGem teams as possible, we submitted our short iJet video to iGEM TU Darmstadt. In the iJet Challenge video, the paper airplane symbolized the connections of iGEMers worldwide.

iGEM USP-BR - Brazilian Synthetic Biology Olympiad (OBBS)

The Brazilian Synthetic Biology Olympiad (OBBS), a national academic competition hosted by the iGEM team USP-Brazil as a part of its public education project. It aims to provide accessible synthetic biology competitions to Brazilian high school students, especially those who can’t afford the high entrance fees charged by other synthetic biology competitions. We submitted test questions based on our project, hoping that through OBBS, more high school students in Brazil could be engaged in synthetic biology.

iGEM NU_Kazakhstan - Posters Translation

The posters were created in order to be distributed in high schools in Kazakhstan. iGEM NU_Kazakhstan wants to contribute to increasing knowledge of synthetic biology and biology in other countries, therefore, our team helped translate the materials into Traditional Chinese language.

iGEM Guelph - Interview

The iGEM Guelph team hopes to promote the theme of the iGEM team to local middle school students around the world, and we are one of them. We shared our team’s themes, experimental content, and promotional activities with them, and co-produced flyers. In the discussion process, we discuss the experimental data and promotion activities.


1. United Nations. (2021). Sustainable Development Goals.

2. World Health Organization. (2020). Antimicrobial resistance.