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Lab Olympics challenge

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Inspired by the Olympic Games that were held this summer, our team decided to organize a sporty competition in which all the iGEM teams could participate. To have fun, stay fit and upgrade our skills, we introduced the iGEM Lab Olympics. We created five challenges, which we performed ourselves as fast or as beautiful as possible. We asked every team that wanted to participate and challenged them to beat us. We decided to promote our Lab Olympics, as we believed that doing these challenges together, we could connect the iGEM community with laughter. The five challenges were:

  1. Fill a gel with 52 wells as fast as possible
  2. Defrost an Eppendorf tube filled with water as fast as possible
  3. Shoot a pipet tip into a bucket as fast as possible
  4. Falcon flip: Land three falcon tubes on either the lid or the bottom as fast as possible
  5. Draw a picture of iGEM president Randy Rettberg with bacteria on an agar plate
Curious how we fulfilled these challenges? Check out this video!

Who is the winner of the iGEM lab Olympics?

To summarize the iGEM Olympics, we have made a compilation of all the participating teams to show everyone how they did. We would like to say a special thank you to iGEM Bielefield, iGEM Estonia and iGEM Eindhoven for their fearlessness in participating. Enjoy watching!

Of course no challenge goes without a winner, hover over the medal to reveal the true winner of the iGEM Olympics 2021!

iGEM Estonia!

Congratulations and thank you!

About Cattlelyst

Cattlelyst is the name of the iGEM 2021 WUR team. Our name is a mix of 1) our loyal furry friends, cattle, and 2) catalyst, which is something that increases the rate of a reaction. We are developing “the something” that converts the detrimental gaseous emissions of cattle, hence our name Cattlelyst.

Are you curious about our journey? We have written about our adventures in our blog, which you can find here: