Team:Wageningen UR/Attributions

iGEM Wageningen 2021


Cows in the field

We would like to thank:

Principle investigators
Dr. NJHP (Nico) Claassens
Dr. L (Luis) Garcia Morales
Dr. ZH (Zoë) Robaey
Dr. RW (Robert) Smith
Dr. RHJ (Raymond) Staals
For bringing us together and providing us with great advice and support during our amazing adventure.
Lyon Bruinsma
Max Finger-Bou
Lorenzo Olivi
Maria Martin-Pascual
Stijn Prinsen
Jurre Steens
Despoina Trasanidou
Eric Vossen
For day-to-day supervision of our thesis projects and helping us design our project and experiments.
James Dykstra
Dr. JJ (Jasper) Koehorst
Dr. G (Giuseppe) Olivieri
Sabine van Oossanen
Constantinos Patinios
Niek Savelkoul
Dr. M (Maria) Suarez Diez
For providing us with new inputs, ideas and great advice.

Special thanks to:

Project support TJG (Thijs) Ettema & VAP (Vitor) Martins dos Santos
Chair holders of the Laboratory of Microbiology and the Laboratory of Systems and Synthetic Biology respectively for allowing us to be affiliated with their chair groups.
Prof.dr. J (John) van der Oost
Head of the research group Bacterial Genetics (BacGen), for hosting the iGEM team.
All people working in the Bacgen and SSB labs and other members of the MIB and SSB chair groups.
For giving us valuable advice and support.
Willemijn Ramondt
Secretary of SSB, for helping us with the contact with the financial department.
Philippe Puylaert
Microbiology safety instructor, for giving all the team members a safety tour and for helping with the organization of the Junior Science Lab.
Ir. AYE (Arianne) van Ballegooij & Joyce Smeltink
For helping us set up the crowdfunding page.
Ben Excell
For his help with the promotional video.
Senna Tamminga & Dennis Anneveldt
For their help and advice with editing and animating the final presentation video.
Jasper van Ommeren
For providing us with a film location.
De Hooilanden
For providing us with a film location and footage.
Matthew Turk & Abigail Conner
For being our ambassador, and Matthew for opening the Dutch meetup.
Xylencer  team (WUR  iGEM  2019)
For sharing their experiences and giving us very good advice and support on all things related to iGEM.
Student challenges (Marta Egert, Rio Pals and Frank Boers)
For providing us with an office to work in, and promoting our work on their social networks.

Lab support

Ing. T (Tom) Schonewille & ing. R (Rob) Joosten
For providing laboratory and technical support to ensure a pleasant working environment.
Ing. AWM (Tanja) Borst and Maarten van den Berg
For providing us with laboratory space and technical support.
Ir. AH (Ton) van Gelder & Miguel Paredes Barrada
For providing us with technical support for working with gas chromatography.


Dr. L (Lennart) Schada von Borzyskowski & dr. K (Katharina Kremer)
From the Max Planck Institute, for helping us researching methanotrophs and ammoniatrophs, and for providing us with P. denitrificans DSM 413.
Enrique Asin Garcia
For purifying the genome of P. aeruginosa PAO1 for us, so we did not have to work in an ML2 laboratory.
Anastasia Kottora & Prof. dr. MA (Michael) Brockhurst
From the university of Manchester, for providing us with the P. stutzeri JM300 strain.
Prof. JC (James) Liao & Dr. FYH (Frederic) Chen
Both from Academica Sinica Taiwan and the University of California, for providing us with the E. coli SM1 strain.
Dr. S (Sebastian) Wenk, Vittorio Rainaldi, Ari Satanowski & Beau Dronsella
From the Max Planck Institute Potsdam-Golm, for providing us with the following strains and plasmid: E. coli ΔfrmR1 strain from the KEIO collection, E. coli SIJ488 ΔfrmRAB without kanamycin resistance, E. coli SIJ488 C1(G)S-auxotrophy (Δgcv Δ serA ΔfdhE) with genomic insertion of ftl-mtdA-fch + recovered frmAByaiL) without kanamycin resistance, & pZASSrC-BsMDH.
Dr. P. (Pavel) Dvorak
From the Masaryk University, for providing us with the P. putida EM42 Δ gts Δgcd strain.
Dr. ir. NWM (Nico) Ogink
For bringing us in contact with Cécile Levrault, and discussing our project and ideas at the early stages of Cattlelyst.
Ir. HJC (Hendrik Jan) van Dooren & Carsten Schep
For sharing their knowledge and resources on manure pit emissions.

Human Practices &
Outreach and education

Dr. BC (Bob) Mulder
For providing us with advice on how to approach interviewing our stakeholders.
Jolanda van Schaick
For connecting us with the Groene Groeiers network.
Dr. DTC (Daniel) Tamarit Chuliá
For helping us set up the online environment for the Dutch meetup.
Dr. Y (Yolanda) Schaerli
For being a guest speaker during our meetup.
Prof. dr. B. (Barbara) di Ventura
For being a guest speaker during our meetup.
Daphne Kusters
For organising synthetic biology workshop and inviting us to participate.
Mareva Meulemans
For helping us with our social media strategy and sharing our project on various social media platforms.
Albert Sikkema
For sharing our project in the Resource.
Laura Witlox
For sharing our project in various media outlets within and outside WUR.
Wetenschapsknooppunt (Ellen van Seben, Els van Coeverden & Hilco van Stuyvenberg)
For helping us with setting up the Junior Science Lab.
Dr. MWT (Jet) Vervoort & Dr. SR (Siddharth) Deshpande
For inviting us to give a guest lecture in their course.

Interviewees HP

Durk Bakker
Maarten van den Berg
Korstiaan Blokland CM (Karin) Groenestein
Prof. dr. ir. PWG (Peter) Groot Koerkamp
Dr. JML (Jeroen) Heck
Tiny Hoefnagels
Frank van Boxtel
Fons Janssen
Heleen Lansink- Marissen
Cecile Levrault
Rik Maasdam
Carina Nieuwenweg
Gijs Scholman
Dr. BA (Beth) Ventura
Dr. CJB (Cécile) van der Vlugt
For sharing their knowledge and time, truly helping us develop our project.


Jenny Bakker

Team captainexpand_less

Besides being being involved in almost everything as the team captain, Jenny modeled the biosafety circuit in E. coli (supervised by Robert) and made a proximity based biosafety circuit in the lab (supervised by Jurre and Stijn).
Delielena Poli


As a secretary, Deli was our queen of organization. She has also worked hard on the iGEM PIPE (software) (supervised by Robert) to give us great advice on metabolic engineering strategies.
Morris Pouw


If you want to talk about money, then Morris is your man! Together with Riemer, he also made an engineered E. coli strain to be our synthetic methanotroph (supervised by Eric) using the pMMO enzyme.
Riemer van der Vliet

Head of Scienceexpand_less

Riemer was always on top of all the science projects to make sure all projects fit together. Besides that, he worked on the creation of a semantic database (supervised by Robert) and methane conversion by E. coli using the sMMO enzyme (supervised by Nico and Lorenzo).
Sophieke Lems

Lab managerexpand_less

Sophieke engineered a synthetic denitrification pathway in P. putida together with Anemoon (supervised by Lyon, Maria and Luis) and made sure everything in the lab was very well organised.
Thomas Roersma

Biosafety officerexpand_less

As biosafety officer, Thomas made sure that both we and our project will always be safe! Besides that, he worked on engineering nitrification in P. putida (supervised by Max).
Sanne van Doorn

Head of Human Practicesexpand_less

Sanne modeled the nitrification and denitrification pathway (supervised by Robert). In the lab, she worked on minimizing nitrous oxide release (supervised by Lyon, Maria and Luis). She enjoyed getting in contact with stakeholders to make sure our project fits their needs.
Sophie van der Vlugt

Head of Outreachexpand_less

Sophie built a methane-based biosafety circuit in the lab (supervised by Despoina) and was responsible for our interaction and engagement in society.
Marta Patrian

Head of Designexpand_less

Marta made P. putida and E. coli auxotrophic so they can only survive together (supervised by Nico and Lorenzo). Together with the design team, she made sure the designs on the wiki and the presentations look flashy.
Anemoon Drinkwaard

Wiki managerexpand_less

Besides coding this beautiful wiki, Anemoon also made the biofilter model (supervised by Robert) and worked together with Sophieke on engineering a synthetic denitrification pathway in P. putida (supervised by Lyon, Maria and Luis).
About Cattlelyst

Cattlelyst is the name of the iGEM 2021 WUR team. Our name is a mix of 1) our loyal furry friends, cattle, and 2) catalyst, which is something that increases the rate of a reaction. We are developing “the something” that converts the detrimental gaseous emissions of cattle, hence our name Cattlelyst.

Are you curious about our journey? We have written about our adventures in our blog, which you can find here: