Team:United Shanghai HS/Team Members


Ruitang Li

I am Richard Ruitang Li,a 16-years-old boy full of energy and enthusiasm from Shanghai No.4 high school. I like reading, swimming, playing the basketball and the guitar in my leisure time. Chemistry and biology are my favorite courses, which encourage me to do scientific experiments in the school lab. I am very glad to meet you all and cooperate with each other for the tasks.

Jiankun Liu

My name is JIankun Liu (Justin). I’m from Grade 10 in Shanghai Pinghe school. Among all the school subjects, I’m mainly interested in chemistry and biology. My main hobbies are playing the guitar and playing basketball. I’m good at communicating and logical thinking. I hope that with our project, our team can make a difference to the world.

Yunqi Liu

Grade 10 in Shanghai Nanyang Model Private School. I like to spend my free time doing sports like cycling and running. I am very interested in chemistry and mathematics. I think problem solving is a good way to improve my own mind.

Jialiang Wan

Grade 10 in Shanghai International Studies University Bilingual School (SISU). I prefer to watch some Animations during the free time to help me to relax. The subjects that most interest me are Math and Physics. I wants to learn and understand something about biology through this project.

Shixuan Wang

My name is Shixuan Wang, a student in Grade 11 of Jincai Senior High School.I'm interested in math and biology.My main hobbies are reading and debating.Ihave a strong logical thinking, and I am good at summarizing,communicating and cooperating.


(Anna),10th grade in Shanghai Pinghe School. My passions include extracurricular activities such as tennis and horseback-riding. Academically, I enjoy English and chemistry. My strength is critical thinking, and Ilook forward to the collision of ideas that we'll create together as a team.

Zhihao Zhang(Danny)

11th grade at the St Johnsbury academy in Vermont USA. I play basketball, lacrosse and I work out everyday. I also play several musical instruments like the flute and piano. People recognize me as a pure extrovert. Finding problems and solving them isa passion of mine, as well as studying biology and enviromental science. To top it off, I also amexperienced with computerscience and web design.

Yanhong Zhu(Emily)

I’m Emily Zhu, a tenth grader from Shanghai World Foreign Language Academy. As my ambitious is to work in the field of economy, I have a great interest in economics and management. I join in this project since I am looking forward to improving myself and trying this kind of challenge. I also like to dance, and I spend about five hours a week practicing it. Of course, I’m really excited to start this project and meet you guys.

Zexuan Li

Majors in Bioscience at ECUST. As a guy who always comes up with imaginative ideas, he participates in the project design. Besides, he is also responsible for the guidance of molecular biology techniques. He enjoys science research and is always willing to help the students to solve their problems.

Liu yihan

The instructor of the team.She is participated in the design of the experiment.

Lu YuqingI

Major in bioscience and is interested in the field of gene therapy. She took place as the team instructor to help students complete their experiments more fluently. Thanks to iGEM for training my creative thinking and experiment ability and also cultivating my ability of organization and management!

Yi Zhang

A pursuing master major in bioengineering. She often helped students complete their design and experiments as the team's instructor. She thanks a lot that iGEM gives chance to improve herself and trains her creative thinking.