Team:United Shanghai HS/Communication


1.Lecture report on science popularization

Time: Sept. 17
Setting: Classroom of Shanghai Private Pinghe School
Number of people: 50

First, we introduce our product background. Since soil has always been important to humans, it provides a resource that can be used for shelter and food production. Plastics can have an impact on the quality of the soil environment and the health of life. Microplastics can not only release harmful additives, but also adsorb pollutants from the environment. Microplastics will not only affect the physical and chemical properties of the soil, but also cause harm to the growth, development and reproduction of animals in the soil environment, affect the growth of plants, and even change the microbial community and enzyme activities in the soil, resulting in biological ecological risks. At the same time, microplastics will pass into the human body along with respiratory exposure and the food chain, thereby creating potential human health risks.

Here, we designed a "patrolman" for soil contaminated by plastic, we briefly described the design ideas of the project. we designed a burying yard withconcentrated PET plastics, using the modified Bacillus subtilis carried by earthworms to initially degrade PET, accelerating the degradation of PET plastics in it. and enzymes, solving the difficulty of frequent mixing in the dump site. In addition, we also show a schematic diagram of mercury ion fixation and repair.

Finally, we briefly introduced the division of labor in our team and the communication between teams.The students were elated and gave a lot of feedback.

2.Science Communication

In order to be able to spread our project, we posted the video of the project on the website( )。 We hope that through this way, we can let more people pay attention toPET pollution, so that more people can join the road of PET pollution control, and make our earth more and more clean and healthy.