Team:United Shanghai HS/Implementation


Suggested implementation

As we have shown in our survey, plastic pollution is widely distributed in China's soil, so it is common for organizations and individuals who need soil plastic pollution control-such as relevant government departments, farmers and various landowners . These organizations and individuals with plastic pollution control needs are the end users of the product. This product can be directly put into plastic-contaminated land, spread through the original or additional earthworms in the soil, and finally achieve the goal of large-scale plastic-contaminated land. Regarding biosafety related issues, as we have done in terms of safety, according to the table (, the product is theoretically very safe and there is no biosafety risk . However, we will still cooperate with scientific research institutions to conduct related tests in their test areas, and then cooperate with related companies such as fertilizers and microorganisms to realize the industrial production of products. In addition, our products can still foresee many challenges in reality. For example, how to optimize the processing efficiency of the product in different soil environments; how to optimize the processing efficiency of the product; how to optimize the planting, reproduction and diffusion capabilities of the product in different types of earthworms; how to optimize the communication tasks of various earthworms; how to make this product Of the audience understand this product. These are the challenges we will face in the future.