Team:United Shanghai HS/Attributions


Ruitang Li

For this project, I’d like to join in experiment section . By the aids of the instructor and cooperators, I will try to learn to design the experiment scheme. By the way, it’s convenient for me to walk in ECUST to do experiment during the weekends.

Jiankun Liu

1.Designing the questionnaire and collect information.
2.Collecting data through lab experiments.

Yunqi Liu

In this project, I am responsible for the information search and arrangement of the contribution information of each member in the early stage. As well as the design related to the pattern in the project.

Jialiang Wan

For this project, my work is to search for useful information that relate to our project。 Then I need to settle and organize these materials. Later, I also will contribute to the experiment part.

Shixuan Wang

I assumed the position of captain of the team.I was mainly responsible for the internal and extemal communication of the team, and also partly participated in literature searching,sorting out and experimental design.


1.Deliver statistics through lab experiments.
2. Provide background information and evidence to support our research.

Zhihao Zhang(Danny)

During the early stages of the projiect, I contributed with the social research and sruveying areasector and also played a major role in designing our team mascot and badge. Later on, I was apart of the experimental group and also contributed to constructing the final presentation of ourendeveour.

Yanhong Zhu(Emily)

In this item, I’m going to take part in the information searching and the investigating part. I’d like to try my best in order to complete in a perfect way. I can do well in the searching press and I have the confidence to have a great achievement.