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The team we partnered up with during our project.

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iGEM Brawijaya x UGM Indonesia

We sent primers and L-arabinose to the iGEM UGM team in return for BL21(DE3), which we needed for our studies and proof of concept, as well as linearized plasmid backbones for the pSB1C3 and pSB1K3 plasmids. Without the help of the iGEM UGM team, we wouldn't be able to continue our experiments. We also recommended them to utilize PCR instead of using restriction and ligase enzymes for their gene amplification and Gibson assembly due to their enzymes close to being expired and purchasing a new enzyme would be more costly. We were planning to try the UGM team's system in our chassis but due to the time limitation we haven't been able to try the said system, vice versa.