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The Business Trajectory of Our Project

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The ever-increasing enzyme market prompted us to devise ways to address the issues. The lack of cheaper enzyme alternatives in Indonesia gave us the confidence to market a product based on our system to deliver enzymes to customers at a reduced cost. Our team decided to act and formed an entrepreneurial committee to assist with the introduction of our potentially beneficial product into society. We committed ourselves to events and mentorships that helped us strengthen our entrepreneurial aspect.


Innozyme is a startup specializing in the creation of industrial enzymes through the introduction of new technology into the enzyme manufacturing process. We can simplify the downstream process, which is driving the enzyme price to increase, due to this innovation. We would be able to supply our customers with high-quality, low-cost enzymes as a result of the system's higher yield.

Vision & Mission


Our vision is to be one of the pioneer businesses in the Indonesian enzyme market to provide a less expensive enzyme alternative while still supplying high-quality enzymes to customers.


To employ synthetic biology to produce high-quality, environmentally friendly enzyme products for industries and other relevant partners or sectors that use enzymes in their productions and activities. We will also continue to perform research and constant innovation in order to improve our products and deliver superior quality to our customers.

Organizational Structure

this project helped in lowering the purification cost for protein while increasing its yield which is useful for many applications including in health, industrial, and life sciences. It would also be a new application (breakthrough in science) for synthetic biology and related fields.

Executive Summary


Protein and its evolution are still the subject of a lot of study, whether for characterisation or uses in our daily lives. However, there are still a number of roadblocks in the way of the development of protein-based technologies. Low yield and a labor-intensive purification procedure are two of the most significant challenges in the protein manufacturing process.

Due to the heating process, lower enzyme activity, and additional costs in the control process, the enzyme production process still runs the risk of having low yield. To address this issue, we developed a cleavable protein system for outer membrane vesicles. Our method is designed to increase the target protein expression and make the purification process for the final product easier. This technology might be used in a variety of industrial operations.

It is very well known that around 90% of enzymes, or biocatalysts, required by Indonesian companies and institutions are still imported from other countries, such as China, India, Japan, and portions of Europe. Every year, the needs and demands for enzymes grow, and it is projected that global market demand for enzymes will grow at a rate of approximately 7% per year (2015-2020), therefore it is reasonable to presume that the Indonesian enzyme market will grow as well. Amylase is one of the most commonly used enzymes as it has several uses in a variety of sectors, including food, fermentation, and pharmaceuticals (Suoza et al., 2010).


The demand for enzymes in Indonesia is quite strong, as enzymes are required by Indonesian companies, researchers, and other relevant customers. Nonetheless, due to a lack of expertise and technology to create lower-cost enzymes, Indonesian enzyme producers and institutions continue to struggle to keep up with the market. We view this as a chance to use our expertise and creativity to provide a cost-effective enzyme product of excellent quality.

Innozyme is concentrating on the manufacture of a cost-effective amylase enzyme, which is one of numerous niches in the enzyme industry. The industrial amylase is utilized in a variety of sectors, including food and beverages, detergents, textiles, paper, pulp, first-generation starch ethanol, and pharmaceutical and clinical research. We would have a highly varied spectrum of consumers due to the vast range of uses for the industrial amylase. If we exclusively focused in Indonesia, one of our prospective clients would be PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk (UNVR). On our Project Description page, we list several reasons why our product might be less expensive.

We were able to gather input and acknowledge issues from potential users, institutions, and persons participating in the market as a result of the talks and interactions we conducted with stakeholders, as can be seen on our Integrated Human Practices section.


After conducting research on a laboratory scale, and being scaled up on a pilot scale, Innozyme projects would be able to produce 30 L every month. We predict a profit margin of 2% annually.


Industrial Scaling-Up

Innozyme targets to be the first start-up of the enzyme industry in Indonesia by utilizing Indonesian biodiverse local sources with a more affordable CHOP system, producing higher yield and an easy purification process compared to conventional technology.

The scale-up from laboratory scale to the pilot plan would not be easy as several factors should be considered including the conditions of the bioreactor, and many more. For starting, until we have found the right methodology and techniques to make production more efficient, we will be producing 30 L per month of amylase at first and it will increase gradually, expectedly to increase until producing 60 L per month in 2 years.

Product & Service


  1. α-amylase enzyme
  2. In liquid form
  3. $21,33 USD / 250 mL
  4. $35,5 USD / 500 mL

Customer Service

We utilize the website as a promotional and marketing medium, and consumers may contact the call center 24 hours on working days. They can also email us directly to submit complaints, consultations, and other specialized requests.


  1. Starch Conversion
  2. Food Industry
  3. Textile Industry
  4. Fuel Alcohol Production
  5. Paper Industry

Business Model Canvas

SWOT Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Complementary Activities

The Entrepreneurial Innovation and Incubator Agency of University of Brawijaya (BIIW)

The Entrepreneurial Innovation and Incubator Agency (BIIW), develops UB research results into innovations and incubation services for StartUps in Universitas Brawijaya. The purpose of BIIW is the conversion activity or process of research and its results into innovative products that are ready to be marketed so that the public can also enjoy the benefits of the innovations.

Conducting coaching with the Universitas Brawijaya Entrepreneurial Incubator Agency

Incubation is a process of coaching, mentoring, and development provided by the Incubator to Incubation Participants (Tenant/Startup)

Pre-Incubation Period

Business idea consulting phase

Incubation Period

Mentoring and coaching technology, legal aspects, capital, accounting, packaging, and marketing

After Incubation Phase

Market access, access to capital, access to cooperation with suppliers and product distributors


PERTAMUDA is a business plan competition held by PERTAMINA, Indonesian state-owned oil and natural gas corporation. Pertamuda curates and selects champions from young entrepreneurs who have business ideas related to energy and the value of sustainable commercialism. We have sent our pitch video to the Pertamuda committees where the grand prize is $7,000. There were three stages within the competition including mentoring, networking, and financing.

Dragon's Biome

The iGEM KU Leuven hosted an event called Dragon's Biome, which allowed several iGEM teams to present their business concepts. Several judges with backgrounds in biotechnology companies and sectors offered input on each team's pitch. We got the opportunity to speak at this event, and we found it really informative and beneficial to obtain professional feedback on our business strategy.

Synbio Power Pitch

Synbio Power Pitch is a biotechnology business competition held by SynBio Power House. Our goal in participating in this competition is to deepen our ideas and test whether our business plan is feasible and applicable. In this competition, we pitched our enzyme system business. We haven't had a chance to win the competition yet, but through this we learned more about our idea, and got a lot of input for its development.