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Meetup Latam 2021

To get involved with other team projects and for everyone to grow together we hosted the LATAM Meetup 2021. Where Giant Jamboree and Design League igem teams were able to show their advances, practice and clean their presentations while receiving feedback from our professional judging panel. This event was enriching in many cultural, social and academic ways. Since we had a social bonding dynamic “speed talks' ' where every attendee had the opportunity to meet and talk with another peer, was a successful way to get more collaboration and knowledge between teams.

Green Fest

External students group “Huella verde”. A channel where we exposed a problem to a large audience with impact. We, as a team, are seriously concerned about the well-being of the community and care of the environment. Therefore, our interests connected with those of the Huella Verde student group in which they were taught wellness, science and math conferences as a garbage recollection as well. People, teams, speakers, schools attended virtually from all over Mexico to this excellent event where we gave a conference about our project and the microplastic and EDC´s problem we are facing.

Zeta Sizer

NOVA Portugal and iGEM TEC MTY. EDC´s messes up with metabolic pathways making an unbalanced work inside our bodies imitating our hormones. The multiple sources from where we can ingest them such as microplastics are several, but principally, drinking plastic bottles, where our right of clean water, health & wellness are compromised…we wanted to know approximately how much they are in our daily life and not only stay in Mexican brands. Therefore, we collaborated with NOVA Portugal and TEC MTY for this task. These studies with the objective of supporting the collection of data in order to create regulatory frameworks for microplastics in bottled water and ensure the right to health in our countries.

Microplastic and water treatment

Collaboration with iGEM Portugal finding a doctor on our campus that fitted with their needs. They had questions about water treatment and the relation or methods with microplastic pollution. Doctor Rosa María Murillo Torres, professor of EIC Sustainable and Civil Technologies on Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Estado de México. She's an expert in water treatment of pollutants in the industry.


This video represents us at the beginning of our trip on our iGEM Team. We were, and still are, very excited about our project, being sure we will contribute to not only Mexico's drinking water but an entire community. These activities let us show people our personality, our excitement, and our project. Also let us watch, know, and learn from the other participating teams.

Ollin Synbio IPN Assessment - CDMX

A collaboration was made with the Ollin SynBio – IPN team from iGEM Design League. A meeting was scheduled to hear the details of their project and give them feedback regarding the objectives, scope, justification and in silico analysis of the results obtained. We note that the proposal has areas for improvement to make the teaching kit proposed by Ollin more practical and functional. We observed that their project had affinity with the objectives of the Bioengineering department of our school, regarding the promotion of science and delivering of educational kits to low-income schools to ensure that more young people could have an experience with synthetic biology. A collaboration was coordinated to support the Ollin initiative with miniaturized equipment such as centrifuges, electrophoresis chambers and blue light transilluminators. This laboratory equipment was designed by teachers and first advisors

from our institution,


Y. Padilla. "Home Labs, brinda a estudiantes la oportunidad de continuar realizando prácticas de laboratorio desde casa y no perder el contenido práctico que es imprescindible en su desarrollo académico". CONECTA.

who serve as our instructors and advisors, in addition to the fact that we as students have tested the equipment, giving feedback for their improvement. We are very excited about this alliance to improve education in Mexico. To formalize this collaboration, a written request was made. Additionally, we collaborate reviewing the descriptions and designs of mutant sequences. We teach the Ollin team how to align wild type vs mutant protein structures to show possible important differences that impact the enzymatic activity of a polymerase. Additionally, they were taught how to simulate the interaction of the polymerase with DNA, again to compare the binding of the wild-type enzyme against the mutant one.

Monument challenge - Paris, France

iGEM go paris saclay. Going on a safe trip to the nearest monument was exciting and necessary for us to enjoy time with our own team. I guess we all knew a little bit more not just of our own team and country, but of others enjoying this cool cultural challenge.

Emoji contest - Marseille, France

iGEM Maixmarseille. Emojis were too fun to interact, and guess the project just analyzing them. To do so, we needed to know a little bit more about other projects, it was a fantastic way to know others.

Debate Bioethics - iGEM Ecuador

Bioethics is a branch of biology that focuses on trying to answer a fundamental question: what we are doing is right? Where is the moral in biology and biotechnology? Where do we draw the line? During this debate (organized by several LATAM teams), we were given a polemic topic regarding bioethics and the use of biotechnology, and a position to defend. We exposed our arguments and were evaluated by a group of judges.

Postcards - Düsseldorf, Germany

iGEM Düsseldorf. We wanted to be part of the legendary tradition of postcards around the world that iGEM düsseldorf owns. We joined this phenomenal event with our design and received great letters from many teams around the world, knowing and asking about their projects.

Sustainable Goals Video - Patras, Greece

We were part of these amazing collab about SDG goals that are being accomplished by iGEM teams. Showing how the TEC CEM team is committed to be part of these evolution, contributing to SDG´s like 3 good health and wealth being, 6 clean water and sanitation and 14 life below water. The full video collecting all the SDG´s iGEM teams are part can be watched below.

Rosalind Chronicles - Patras, Greece

Teams iGEM Concordia, ULaval, Patras and Thessaloniki were the authors of collaborating to present a workshop about women’s implication in STEM through history and how research and iGEM teams are more diverse and inclusive nowadays. We shared 1 photo of female iGEM teammates and 1 photo of our team’s favorite female scientist who changed the world.

Mujer inspiradora - Monterrey, Mexico

The dynamic consisted of using #MujeresQueInspiran with a photo or story with an inspiring woman. We decided to honor Maria Telkes, she is an amazing woman and it was difficult deciding whom will we put in this collab, cause there are so many scientific woman we all admire. We chose her because it is a pioneer in one of the most important areas of sustainable technology.

Envirospeaks collaboration - Puerto Rico

We took part in this environmental challenge due to all the contaminants around the world we are facing, exposing our poster of endocrine disrupting chemicals as well to create consciousness in our society. Watching all the contaminants other teams shared made us realize that there are too many, and if we all take consciousness we can change our lifestyle and make it more eco-friendly.

Martina, Tec Cem martian friend - Ireland

Martina, MTU iGEM team mascot was present in Mexico too, since we also shared a little bit of our project through her. We were able to meet many of Martina´s iGEM friends, we visited every team project that the martian shared, it was awesome to meet other teams because of her.



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