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Team Members
Wet Lab
Ruby Yan(Yizhuo Yan)
Hey guys! I’m Ruby Yan from Shenzhen, China. I’m 15 years old. Born in New Zealand, I grow up in China, and now go to school in the U.S. I study at a private high school in Illinois called Lake Forest Academy. I love swimming and dancing in my spare time. My academic interest is in Biology and Chemistry. I feel passionate about Biology because it pervades all aspects of everyday life, and life is amazing and beautiful. My dream is to be a surgeon and save people, so learning the structure and do something beneficial to the human body lays a good foundation for my future career. iGEM provides me the best platform, and I will seize this opportunity and do the best job.
Annie Huang(Ruirui Huang)
Annie Huang is a rising junior at Garrison Forest School, US. Studying at an all-girls school, I believe girls can also become excellent engineers. Fascinated by how programming algorithms can solve complicated problems, I took all the computer science courses my school offered as well as leading the school Robotics club. I also indulge myself in two different robotics competitions in my free time. To satisfy my interests in both biology and computer science, I dive into the world of bioinformatics, believing interdisciplinary studies encourage me to think across boundaries and would expand my horizon.
Tina Tian(Shujin Tian)
Hello guys! My name is Shujin Tian. You can call me Tina! I’m from Wuhan China and I’m a rising Junior at Shattuck-St. Mary's School in the United States. I’m interested in Biology, Chemistry, Art, etc. I also spend time pursuing different hobbies, such as listening to music, singing, dancing, and reading. I enjoy playing sports such as swimming, playing ping pong, and hiking, and am also a member of the school’s Golf team. I’m so excited about participating in iGEM and I believe I can learn a lot from it. I’m also so excited about making new friends in this competition!
Cici Qin(Xiyuan Qin)
Hey guys, this is XiYuan(Cici) Qin from Shenzhen, China. I’m currently a junior at NCPA and will soon become a senior this year. So, it’s an honor to join our team before college, for it gives me a chance to experience what real scientific experiments are like. Outside of iGEM, I am most passionate about animals. I actually have had dogs, cats and birds, one of my big interests is to observe their behaviors to check if they are healthy or not, which I believed the pets I had is a reason that lured me into the field of biology.
Jessica Gao(Yicong Gao)
Hello everyone, my name is Jessica Gao. I’m a senior at Beijing RDFZ Chaoyang Branch School. My abiding love for biology extends to all facets of my life: I like exploring nature, observing small animals’ habits while traveling, and collecting all kinds of leaves and petals to make them into bookmarks, which I think is very memorable. Among all my interests, I especially enjoy doing experiments. It has always been my dream to do researches in the laboratory and I am honored to work in the wet lab for this year’s iGEM. I not only enjoy working with all kinds of experimental equipment but am also looking forward to cooperating with my teammates. I attach great importance to this competition and hope all of us can make great achievements together!
Zach Liu(Yangming Liu)
Hey everyone! I am Zach Liu, a rising Junior at Shanghai Starriver Bilingual School For this year’s iGEM, I am working in the wet lab as a member of DR. PHAGE. In my free time, I love traveling and riding bikes. I always believe that adventure is worthwhile in itself, and that motivates me to seek adventures in my life. I also enjoy photography and record memorable moments when going from place to place. Biology and chemistry have always been my favorite subjects since middle school, and are what I am mainly learning in my school. Being part of the iGEM community has always interested me and inspired me.
Galahad Gao(Yichen Gao)
My name is Yichen Galahad, you can call me Galahad! For this year’s iGEM, I work in the wet lab. I study AP in Beijing and I am a rising Junior. I am a kind and modesty person. I have a lot of hobbies, and listening to music is one of them. I guess that one reason that I enjoy listening to music is that I can find answers to problems in life in it: for instance, some keep me optimistic when troubles arrive and some tell me the wise words, that “failure is the way to success.
Mary Feng(Manlin Feng)
Hi guys, I am Mary Feng, a rising senior at Wycombe Abbey Chang Zhou. My top 4 interests reside in Biology, Chemistry, Math, and Geography, while three of which are included in the iGEM, which is the main reason I participate in this competition. As far as I am concerned, having an amicable relationship with my teammates is as important as a rigorous academic attitude. I believe iGEM will empower me not only academically, but also as a person who respects others and possesses strong communication skills.
Yingqi Ni
Hello, guys, my name is Yingqi Ni. I am 16 years old and in grade 11. I come from Wuxi, Jiangsu, and study at Tianyi High School. At school, I am interested in Biology, Chemistry and psychology, since these subjects are closely related to the origin of life and our human being. As a result, I take part in the project and become a member of the wet team. It is a good chance for us to trace back to the origin of the molecule and do a lot of experiments to prove the phenomena. After participating in the project, I will acquire a deeper understanding of biology.
Sophia (Fanxi Ji)
Hi I’m Sophia. I’m currently a grade 9 student studying at UWCSEA. I am interested in quite a variety of things, for instance, I’m a cellist, I taught myself guitar and ukulele, and I love debate. I am keen on pursuing medicine in the future, which is one of the contributing factors why I decided to participate in this project. The most significant reason that convinced me to join iGEM is that I genuinely care about the world and I am dedicated to making a change through my own hardworking in the world. I designed a website and Instagram account called Smallssteps to put my passion into practice and show that small steps can be impactful as well.
Dry Lab
Yi Wang
My name is Yiwang, and I’m 17years old. It’s a pleasure to be a part of iGEM Program. iGEM provided a perfect platform for me to learn new things about Finance and Chemistry. My interests, in fact, are not only restricted to those two subjects but also branches into other fields like Fine Arts and Marketing. Luckily iGEM also offers me the chance to express my skills by giving me the opportunity joining to come up with our own logo and posters. I hope, through the process of learning and seeking, I will enhance both my social skills and academic skills.
Kunzhi Zou
My name’s Kunzhi Zou. I’ve joined the iGEM team as a publicist. My team and I will be getting in touch with influencers, vloggers, and sellers to increase our online and live publicity performance. We will also make posters and questionnaires to generate pervasive and deep research. If you meet me, feel free to chat with me about hip-hop history, computer games, and downhill mountain biking. I am also an avid fan of X-sport and traveling, and wish you can support our project, Thank you :)
Ran Wen
Hi, everyone! My name is Ran Wen, and I am a 17-year-old student from the Experimental School of Haicang, in Xiamen, China. I am a girl who is interested in Business. Although I didn’t have so much chance before to learn about this, I think this is a really good way for me to get familiar with some specific fields in business, such as how to write product introduction and how to better sell my own products. In my life, I can have some surprising ideas about the things I like. Also, I enjoy communicating with others and going traveling. I cannot wait to cooperate with my partners to create an amazing activity!
Amelia Liu
I am Yuxuan Liu, and sure you can call me Amelia. I am now a high school student and I am quite interested in Sociology. I love dogs and volunteering.I have done volunteer jobs in Autistic Children's Aid Center and my dream is to create a group which helps stray animals all around the world.
Oliver Liu
Hello, my name is Haonan (Oliver) Liu. I’m in 11th grade, studying at the Zhengzhou No. 7 High School. I have two hobbies - studying railway transportation and playing soccer. Based on the former, I can understand the history of the development and socio-economic situation of a city; while based on the latter, I can have a chance to make me sturdier and also discover cultures (which related to religions, politics, class conflicts, etc.) about soccer itself. In fact, I am a member
Weichen Ying
Hi, everyone. My name is Weichen Ying, and you can also call my English name Hebe. And I am a 17 years old girl who comes from Xiamen, where is a very beautiful coastal city in China. I am now studying in the No.6 high school of Xiamen. In my spare time, I like watching soap operas and comedies because these can let me release the pressure and relax. Then, I can become more energetic to face new challenges. Also, I am a crazy fan of K-POP. My favorite TV program is Hospital Playlist. I believe my team can overcome difficulties and then have a happy ending.
Shiqing Wang
Hey guys! I am Shiqing Wang from Zhuhai, Guangdong. I am studying A-Level, AP and OSSD at the same time and have achieved good results. After entering the international program, I participated in many school clubs and student councils and won awards in many competitions. I am honored to participate in the iGEM competition with my teammates, and I hope to improve myself and gain a friendship in the competition and strive to contribute to society.
Maggie Shi
Hiiii I’m Zhiyu Shi (Maggie). I am a tenth-grade student in Beijing. My major courses are Economics and Financial Management. I like skiing very much. Of course, I am also an anime and video games lover. I am very happy to participate in iGEM, and I believe I can exercise my ability. I am very willing to help others, and I hope everyone can unite and cooperate to make a satisfactory project together. Hope we all have a good journey
Yumi Gao(Yutong Gao)
Hello, I’m Yumi Gao from Xiamen, China. I’m a senior student whose intended major is Psychology. In my spare time, I like to walk my dog, listen to music, and spend time with my family. I also enjoy making new friends and trying new things. The main reason for me to take part in the iGEM competition is that I want to enrich myself and learn more about biology. I am a member of the dry team and I look forward to challenging myself and working with my amazing team members.
Victor Liu(Jialong Liu)
I am Victor, 16 years old, studying at Chengdu Shishi High School International Department. My dream school is NYU and I am interested in Economy, Calculus. I am fascinated by playing video games, playing badminton, playing models and watching two-dimensional animation. I am not good at social interaction because I feel uncomfortable when I talk to strangers. Also, I like to stay alone because I can do whatever I want.
Andy Ye(Hongyi Ye)
Hello, I am Andy, I am 15 years old now. I am from China, Shenzhen, Sendelta International School, grade 10. I skipped grade 10 when I was in grade 8. I did my first business when I was in grade 6. I have earned about 3000 RMB from trading different kinds of soda sweets and some toys from Taiwan. Another achievement of mine is I have led a team and designated it as Meritorious. And now I also am a leader of a project which is designed by myself. In this project is we will make an AI analyzer and it is used to analyze a game. Also, we will create a second screen to reveal the enemy’s position. My hobbies are playing ping-pong and listening to music especially R&B music. Now I am joining the iGEM competition, and I am the leader of the Dry team.
Zhelun Liu
Hello, my name is Zhelun Liu, a 17-year-old student from Anhui China. I am currently studying in the U.S., at a high school called Maranatha Christian Schools, and I am a senior in my school. My favorite subject at school is mathematics and computer science and I took lots of hard courses, participated competitions, and joined research programs that are related to these two subjects in order to prepare myself well to study them in college. In my spare time, I like listening to music, watching movies, and playing video games on my PC. My favorite movie is War Horse and my favorite game is Battlefield 1. I also like volunteering and I joined many volunteering activities in the U.S. including assisting teaching English classes at an elementary school in the city where I live.