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Based on the social oral health problem, we realize the importance and urgency of publicizing our subject. Through four ways: social media posts, questionnaires, outreach materials, and popularization of science, we spread our ideas to society and raise awareness of tooth decay and our products.
In order to make the public understand that ClyR is very important for the treatment of dental caries, our team has created an official public account on the Chinese largest social platform WeChat. Through our efforts to promote our performances in WeChat’s moment, thousands of people followed our accounts and read our professional articles. We published articles on ClyR in this account, making them aware of the seriousness of dental care and arouse their awareness of tooth protection. Moreover, in this article, we also told the public what ClyR is and the advantages of using it. In addition, we also wrote a professional article on synthetic biotechnology. The purpose was to tell ordinary people that our team has used a very advanced technology—DNA assembly technology in biosynthesis technology—to study bacteriophage lyase. In this way, the public could know that our products may be much better than the current dental care treatment tools, such as filling and fluoride. We published a third article about our team interviewing professional dentists. Through question and answer, the public can more clearly and easily understand the unique advantages of our products.
QR code of official account
The tweets that were posted
In the survey questionnaire, we design a logistic system. To be more specific, in a question like, do you familiar with the correct brushing steps, if the masses click “I do not know”, there will jump out of the right brushing steps as the popularization of science. In this way, people can learn oral knowledge while filling out questionnaires. Also, through questioning from simple to complex, we make the public realize how serious their oral health problems are and how important for them to take action as soon as possible. In addition, after people understood the cavities, we proposed the concept of bacteriophage lyase. Most people are not familiar with this phrase, so we popularized science next to this page. Therefore, the masses can gradually learn the relevant knowledge and know more about our products. Then they will be more willing to use them.
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The popular science carried out in the questionnaire
Our topic is bacteriophage lyase for the prevention of dental caries and its genetic engineering. It is a topic related to dental dentists, so the color scheme is relatively fresh and concise blue and white. White stands for purity and holiness, reflecting our focus and simple style in the research of this topic. Blue signifies decency and lightness, and the type of the hospital is closely related. The main body design on color is the light color department, which can let consumers feel summer is cool and refreshing and concise, and easy.
The tweets that were posted
Media posts media
As for the primary color of the poster, our team hopes to catch the attention of consumers and passers-by, so we designed yellow as the primary color. Yellow represents joy and joy, and it is also a color full of positive energy. In terms of personality color, it also represents progress and goals. Dr. Phage's paid particular attention to this competition and they had their goals and pursuits, and they also did a neat job of promoting it. Green in the poster is the dominant color of nature. When we see green will naturally associate with green plants, it will give people fresh, youthful, full of vitality of the impression. It is a symbol of renewal, peace, security and hope.
A poster for external publicity
Customized products
Brushing teeth is the most effective and most straightforward way to protect teeth and prevent dental caries. Toothbrushes and toothpaste sets are our best choice. The purpose of choosing travel wear is portable and small, which is also suitable for both men and women, old or young. There are also have students in the team who are specially responsible for ordering and contacting manufacturers. They got many manufacturers and finally chose the supplier suitable for this project. We bought it on Taobao, which is a well-known shopping website in China. Not only is the price favorable, but the quality of the goods is also basically up to standard.
Purchase records of peripheral products
We, guys from "DR PHAGE", have held public lectures for more than 200 people of all ages, ranging from 3-year-old kids in their parents' arms to old men with waving white hair. We popularize scientific knowledge on preventing and controlling tooth decay, especially how phage lysin can significantly improve our teeth' condition. During the lecture, we frequently and closely kept in touch with our audience and invited some volunteers to join "White it"--a competitive game relevant to tooth protection. Delightedly, the data of feedbacks show that 92.3% of the audience claim that they do learn about tech improvement, with 84.3% mentioning that they are willing to try products within phage lysin even though the price may be a bit higher. Further, we posted pictures and videos of the lectures on our WeChat official account "DR PHAGE", and if you like us, please subscribe:)
Due to Typhoon, students are recording the popular science video online
The website of popular science video
Also, through publicity of our peripheral products to the public, which are toothpaste and toothbrush travel kits with our logo, employees in the company are more familiar with our project and pay more attention to it. In addition, we hand out our pamphlets with the products to the consumers. This action can help more people to follow our official account. We can benefit from this because more and more people know about us and are willing to believe in us.
Our team numbers are recommending our products to the public
Our peripheral products