Team:Shanghai United HS/Attributions


Dry Lab
Shiqing Wang:
1. Dry team leader, responsible for daily team member assignments
2. Interview the dentist
3. Write WeChat public tweets
4. Contact and collaboration with other teams
5. Interview business the expert
6. Interview the dental specialist
7. Write business plan
8. Design the team peripheral product
9. Sale the team peripheral products
10. Make the presentation PPT and show the presentation
11. Communication between team members and between team members and teachers
Jialong Liu:
1. Write sections of Inspiration, the reason why we choose this topic, Phage Lyase.
2. Write a part of IHP, the interview and suggestions of several experts.
3. Take a part in collaboration, exchanging ideas and help to perfect original works.
4. Take part in Business Plan writing, mainly in charge of the analysis section.
Yutong Gao:
1. Wechat official account: editor and content creater
2. Making Powerpoint for presentation: specifically on the introduction of project
3. Fundraising: product purchasing and management of the fund
4. Wiki attribution: specifically on writing the team attribution
HongYi Ye:
1. Work as thedeputy leader in the group.
2. Help my teammates writing and editing our wiki which are Integrated Human Practice, Implement and Collaboration
3. Join in some of interviewing such as Experts interviewed and collaboration between two team.
4. Help the group finishing theBusiness Plan.
5. Help the team design our posters and survey, by reminding them some detail points that from my experience and how to attract other people.
6. Help my team make our presentation PPT.
Zhelun Liu:
1. Participating in writing Inspiration
2. Participating in writing Implementation
3. Participating in writing Integrated Human Practice (IHP)
4. Participating in writing collaboration
5. Participating in writing Business Plan
Haonan Liu:
1. Participate in the writing of a passage on the WeChat official account
2. Write the “SWOT” analysis of the business plan
3. Join in an interview of an dentist
Ran Wen:
1. Collect related questions, make questionnaire to publicize and improve public awareness of dental care
2. Participate in making offline PowerPoint of popular science and carry out project publicity
3. Conduct the research and analysis of the data collected from the questionnaire survey to provide materials for follow-up work
4. Write the Education part for Wiki
5. Participate in preparing PowerPoint for defense
Weichen Ying:
1. Survey: questions designing, data analysis, make a conclusion
2. Products propaganda PPT: content designing,
3. Wiki: participated in the education & communication part
4. Presentation PPT
Zhiyu Shi:
1. Design the team’s logo, team uniform, booklets, posters and media posts
2. Related experts interview and prepared the questions, interview results analysis
3. One tweet on wechat public account
4. Wiki education/communication: outreach material
5. Preparing the presentation PPT
Yuxuan Liu:
1. Wechat Official Account: Content editor
2. Make brochures and roll-up: publicize the specific contents of the project
3. Design team uniform : Designed uniform uniforms for the team members
4. Participating in and producing collaboration: Cooperating and communicating with other teams
5. Sales around the project: raise funds for the project
Kunzhi Zou:
1. Guiding teammates to make questionnaires: making the questionnaires and providing valuable suggestions, as well as analyzing the final data.
2. Making and presenting slides: making the presentation to public to improve their awareness of teeth healthy, and working on slides that will be posted on our official account.
3. Selling and promoting: Successfully persuading others to buy our peripheral products, as well as propagandize DR.PHAGE through media network.
4. Writing tweets and Wiki: being responsible for wiki education, as well as writing the report on public perception of teeth decay.
5. Social: Analyzing teams that are suitable for us to collaborate with, leading teammates to reasonable regulate the pressure, frequently keeping in touch with our directors.
Yi Wang:
1. Logo design: main designer of the team logo.
2. Pamphlet and poster: participate in designing the pamphlet and poster.
3. Business plan: compose part of the business plan.
4. Team collaboration: collaborate with other teams by contacting with their key members.
5. Presentation slideshow: focus on making slideshow about the business plan.
6. Team T-shirt design: participate in designing the team T-shirt
Wet Lab
        • Construction of plasmid A: Fanxi Ji, Manlin Feng, Xiyuan Qin, Yingqi Ni
        • Construction of plasmid B: Ruirui Huang, Shujin Tian, Yicong Gao
        • Construction of plasmid C: Yangming Liu, Yizhuo Yan, Yichen Gao
        • Vitro activity assay: Yangming Liu, Ruirui Huang, Fanxi Ji
        • Implementation: Hongyi Ye, Zhelun Liu, Jialong Liu
        • Education: Kunzhi Zou, Ran Wen, Weichen Ying, Yuxuan Liu, Zhiyu Shi
        • Collaboration: Jialong Liu, Zhelun Liu, Ruirui Huang, Manlin Feng, Yangming Liu
        • Notebook & Result: Ruirui Huang, Manlin Feng, Yangming Liu
        • Safety: Fanxi Ji
Business Plan
        • Shiqing Wang, Yi Wang, Haonan Liu, Hongyi Ye
        • Product purchase and team funds management: Yutong Gao
        • Preparation of questions and interview with experts: Shiqing Wang, Kunzhi Zou, Yuxuan Liu, Zhiyu Shi, Yi Wang, Haonan Liu
        • Management of Wechat official account: Yutong Gao, Haonan Liu, Yuxuan Liu, Zhiyu Shi
        • Design of questionnaire and collection and analysis of data:
        • Ran Wen, Weichen Ying
Lab Support
        • SubCat Academy
        • ATLATL Innovation and Development Center
Instructor Support in Lab
        • Main Instructor: Dr. Kong (Research associate)
        • Instructing Assistant: Dr. Wang
Collaborations with other 2021 iGEM teams
        • Team VIPatent (Shanghai_Metro) for solving problems together on an online studio
        • Team HOV (Shanghai_Metro_Utd) for suggestions on social research
        • Team Beer Jet (Beijing_United) for providing advice on long-term preservation of microbiome
        • Team iBowu-China for giving us suggestions
        • Team Alpha-luco (Fujian_United) for giving feedbacks on wiki
        • Team Pec Teast (Xiamen_City)
        • Team PEToracity (WFLA_YK_PAO)
        • Team Ulink-SIP
        • Team ASeeker (Shanghai_United)
Project supervision support
        • Overall supervision of dry team: Mr. Jiang Yongyi, Ms. Luo Manling
        • Overall supervision of wet team: Dr. Kong
Academic support
        • Dr. Wang, Doctor of Chinese Academy of Sciences
        • Dr. Ji Guoping, member of WFO, founder of HZD dental clinic