Team:Shanghai United HS/Fundraising


In line with our team's goal of "protecting teeth and preventing dental caries" and the fact that the most effective way to protect teeth is to brush them, we designed a toothbrush and toothpaste set with our logo on it.
Our fundraising campaign was divided into two parts. The first part was a partnership with four well-known dental clinics in Shanghai. Our peripheral products were sold, and our team and project flyers were distributed to each consumer, which served fundraising and publicity purposes. The other part was for some of our stem team members to make face-to-face sales in various companies in Shanghai office buildings. While selling peripheral products, we promoted our team and our project to the employees of each company. We increased the number of followers of my WeChat public number so that more people can keep learning about our team, our project, and even the iGEM competition.
The sale at the four dentist clinics in Shanghai has been going well and is still going on. As of August, sales have exceeded the target and have also served as good publicity. However, because of the extreme weather, the three-day face-to-face sales were held for only two days and did not reach the expected sales. Still, our WeChat public website gained a lot of attention through sharing on the web by employees of each company.
Overall, the whole fundraising campaign was a success, although a few areas didn't go so well. Not only did it achieve the purpose of fundraising, but it also had an excellent publicity effect.