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We try to inherit experience, knowledge and promotion platform of iGEM in SUSTech.

About Inheritance


Although SUSTech selects teams to participate in iGEM competitions every year, we often fail to get close contact with previous teams. We can't learn from the former, and we will take a lot of detours. We sincerely hope that our experience can help future generations, so we have established clubs and charity organizations, and also created propaganda platforms that can be passed on.

Inheritance of Knowledge

We launched a new charity project Spring Buds this year. The purpose of this project is to disseminate knowledge of synthetic biology and public knowledge about diarrhea involved in our project. Our project adopted the method of teaching volunteers and volunteers to teach the public, achieving the goal of rapid diffusion of knowledge. Volunteers are mostly non-synthetic biology professionals from various industries, but they all have curiosity and a love for synthetic biology. We can help them learn independently by training volunteers, so these volunteers can not only help people in the community to popularize science, but also can pass on knowledge to more volunteers.

Through the spontaneous cultivation of volunteers from generation to generation, our charity project can have a steady stream of motivation. Even at the end of the competition, the founders are no longer in this team, our operating model can also make this project continue to exist in the management of the next manager and delivery of volunteers, so that continue to explore more possibilities and keep the knowledge of synthetic biology passing on to more public like the butterfly effect.


Lecture of Spring Bud project

Inheritance of Experience

In addition to the knowledge spread from the Spring Buds Project mentioned above, we have also established a special iGEM association to attract more students interested in synthetic biology, helping them explore more biological inspirations and more interesting subjects. We found that although our school had iGEM participating teams for many years, it was difficult for us to contact them and gain experience from previous participants. We hope to change this problem from we on. Our association will invite all team members who participate in each iGEM competition to join and become advisers for the next iGEM team of our school. We help call for more participants and also decide the best team to participate in the next iGEM when multiple topics arise. The captain of the next iGEM team will become the new president of the association and will continue to help the next participating teams. In this way, we can continue to pass on our experience and knowledge to the next participants, thereby helping them to better carry out the project.

Articles of Spring Bud association

Inheritance of the Promotion Platform

An excellent platform can greatly alleviate our difficulty in popularizing science to the public. Although many teams have created their various propaganda platforms, these are almost all built from scratch. The followers of these platforms need to be re-established, which is a very large workload. Thereby we hope that we can build more propaganda platforms from now on and pass them on, to help subsequent participants have better starting conditions, so that can focus on the quality of the knowledge transferred rather than the knowledge transfer itself. We have our special school mailbox, WeChat official account platform, and we have created a special bilibili account, which is a very popular video website in China, similar to YouTube. We hope that through our efforts and the efforts of more participants in our school in the future, we can make each session have more abundant initial resources so that they can do more creative and meaningful things.


SUSTech_Shenzhen bilibili account


SUSTech_Shenzhen WeChat official accounts

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