Team:SUSTech Shenzhen/Partnership


SUSTech_Shenzhen fate with SZU-China

About Partnership

Cooperation Negotiation

In mid-April, students from SZU-China came to the Southern University of Science and Technology to communicate with SUSTech-Shenzhen. Explained the overall design and time planning of the project, and adjusted after listening to the suggestions from each other. SZU-China proposed to us that we should pay more attention to local issues, such as lactose intolerance. We have also made adjustments and improvements to their suggestions.At the same time, the activities to be carried out in the HP section were discussed, and the activities that we can cooperate to carry out and the appropriate time were discussed. After listening to the advice of SZU-China, we plan to add a hospital communication activity in the early stage to increase the clinical awareness of diarrhea and understand the distress caused by diarrhea.


Experimental Cooperation

SZU-China provided a lot of help for us. Their ideas provided us with good inspiration. We shared the plasmid of RFP (fluorescent protein), mazF (lysis protein) with each other. And we also got the bacteria strain BL21 from SZU-China. These collaborations provide a basis for our subsequent experiments.


HP Cooperation

Early Term -Shenzhen Second People's Hospital Exchange

We went to Shenzhen Second People's Hospital to have an exchange with Dr. Feng Rongjue. In the process of communicating with doctors, we have improved our understanding of diarrhea. Doctors inspire us to pay more attention to patients' acceptance of treatment methods. For example, although there are methods to treat intestinal diseases by rebuilding intestinal flora through fecal bacteria transplantation, they are still not accepted by the general public. Therefore, if we hope that our research project can be accepted by the general public in the future, we need to think about suitable treatment methods. Similarly, we have learned that many patients with intestinal diseases come to the hospital due to unbearable abdominal pain and frequent diarrhea, and then diagnose the cause through a series of examinations. Therefore, we should pay more attention to the seemingly ordinary diarrhea in life.


Mid-term -Deep Blue Charity Sale

Deep Blue Charity Sale is a large-scale charity sale and amusement park jointly organized by Southern University of Science and Technology Zhixin College, Nanke Public Welfare, and Shenzhen University Xili Campus. It is open to teachers and students of the two universities and the public. Contribute to the purpose of public welfare. SUSTech_Shenzhen and SZU-China opened two adjacent booths in this charity sale to jointly carry out research and charity. SUSTech_Shenzhen has set up students to be responsible for introducing our engineering bacteria to treat diarrhea to the masses, and listening to their opinions. And set up questionnaire lottery and mask graffiti activities. After the introduction of the project, many people have developed a keen interest in our project, added a WeChat official account, and actively gave feedback. We donated all the proceeds from the charity sale, hoping that through our strength, more people can benefit from charity projects.


late-term -SUSTech Hospital Exchange

When the project is about to end, we plan to go to the Department of Gastroenterology, SUSTech Hospital to discuss with Dr. Yu Tingting, and invite SZU-China to go together. We told Dr. Yu Tingting about our current projects and the help we hope the project can bring to society. We also discussed with the doctor the feasibility of treating diarrhea through Lactobacillus and E. coli. From a clinical perspective, doctors believe that the possibility of transformation is very large because there are already relevant scientific researches that have proved that engineered bacteria such as Lactobacillus and Escherichia coli can be used to treat intestinal diseases. We also introduced that the engineered bacteria we designed can absorb water and release antimicrobial peptides. She believes that if the engineered bacteria can achieve multiple effects with one drug and low side effects, it will be very popular with patients.


After the approval of the hospital and the review by the director of the Gastroenterology Department, we also put the popular science manual produced to the hospital to help patients better understand diarrhea.