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How do we carry out science communication?

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Science Communication Leaflets

To popularize the knowledge of diarrhea among different groups of people, we have designed two versions of science manuals in Chinese and English. We printed it and put it on the hospital bulletin board and college campuses to help more people understand diarrhea, develop better living and hygiene habits, and promote the basic knowledge of how to deal with diarrhea more scientifically. We summarized the main causes of diarrhea into four categories: "bad stomach", "tensed mood", "menstrual cycle", and "eating bad belly", which are the main causes of diarrhea in our daily lives. Not only is the a brief introduction of different types of diarrhea, but we also leave our contact information and open communication channels for readers’ feedback and further consultation.



To let the general public recognize our project and generate interest, we have designed posters of different styles. The posters rich in academic knowledge are mainly aimed at people with biological knowledge, while the easy-to-understand posters are mainly aimed at the general population. During our meetings, the Deep Blue Charity Sale, and various exchanges, we have displayed posters so that everyone can learn more about our project. We have also left contact channels such as the official account and email address so that everyone can communicate with us at any time.


We also specially designed posters for the Spring Buds charity event. Based on the fact that Spring Buds is aimed at elementary school students, the poster design is based on pictures, supplemented by intuitive data, which is convenient for elementary school students to understand. Through the questionnaire star software, we have set up special event registration and feedback channels, event participants can get in touch with us at any time and put forward suggestions for improvement.