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Dr. HO Chun Loong

Dr. HO Chun Loong is a Malaysian-born Assistant Professor under the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech). His research focuses primarily on using synthetic biology and protein engineering to address various health and environmental issues. His previously published articles in Nature Biomedical Engineering, Journal of American Chemistry Society, and ACS Synthetic Biology, and have been cited for more than 470 times. Previously, he did his PhD. in Nanyang Technological University under Associate Professor Liang Zhao-xun and his postdoctoral fellowship in the National University of Singapore, under Associate Professor Matthew Chang Wook.

Dr. Rao Feng

Dr. Rao is currently associate professor in the School of Life Sciences at the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech).  After obtaining his B.Sc. and Ph.D. from National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University, respectively, he conducted postdoctoral training at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. His current research focuses primarily on the signalling principles of emerging messenger molecules and their metabolic enzymes, with an emphasis on how they are integrated into cellular (patho)physiology via signal transduction pathways under disease micro-environment. He has published articles in Nature Metabolism, PNAS, Nature Communications, etc.



Dr. Chen Jun

Dr. Chen Jun is currently a postdoc, under the guidance of Prof. HO Chun Loong in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech). Previously, he did his PhD. in Nanjing University of Science and Technology under Professor YANG Shulin. His current research focuses primarily on osseous and intestinal microbiome. He has published articles in Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences, Biochemical Society Transactions, International Journal of Biological Sciences, and Carbohydrate Research.


Team Members

Qu Zeyang

Qu Zeyang Zeyang Qu is a senior majoring in Biomedical Engineering, He joined iGEM with a passion for synthetic biology. He is interested in synthetic biological research which combines both modeling and experiment.


Team members
Gong Yingxuan

Gong Yingxuan, a clinical student from the School of Medicine of SUSTech. She has served as the captain of the Fenghua presiding team and the senior of Zhiren academy. She joined the SUSTech Orientation Team and participated in many national, provincial, and municipal competitions, and achieved medals. As a student host of Shenzhen concert hall, she has a wealth of concert hosting experience. At the same time, she joined professor Zhang Jian's lab to carry out scientific research activities during her university.

Team members
Su Qilun

Su Qilun, an undergraduate student. His interests lie in the research of gene regulation based on bioinformatics. In daily life, he likes ping-pong and film photography.In the team, he was responsible for the operation of the official account, the writing of popular science copywriting, daily activity photography, team video shooting and wiki building.His main research interests are regulation of gene expression based on bioinformation.

Team members
Men Siqi

Men Siqi is a junior student at SUSTech studying biology. She is keen on learning and exploring the biological world, especially neuroscience. She wants to study something new and interesting in biology. That is why she joined iGEM. She hoped to get a better perspective to know synthetic biology and how to transform scientific research results into things that benefit society. These things are new and also attractive for her. She is an energetic, kind, and humorous girl. Swimming, surfing, and ball games are her favorite sports. Besides, she loves esthetical things and also has good creativity and hands-on ability, so she often draws and makes handicrafts with passion.

Team members
Lei hongqiu

Lei Hongqiu is a junior majoring in biomedical engineering at Southern University of Science and Technology. She is in Professor Li Kai's research group and has learned many skills related to molecular and cell biology techniques. She also has the skills of website design and visual design and is skilled in using Procreate, Ai, Solidworks, and other software. Besides, she has extensive modeling and paper writing experience. At school, she joined the emergency rescue teams, news agencies, and other organizations. She is very interested in the intersection of synthetic biology and human practice and wants to make more contributions to the field of medicine.

Team members
Shi Songlin

Shi Songlin has an English name, Krennic, which comes from his favorite character in Star Wars. He is a third-year student in SUSTech, major in bioscience. He participated in iGEM with great interest in synthetic biology and HP works. Songlin Shi hopes to learn more about the ways of exploring life sciences and to attract more people to know biotechnology and synthetic biology. Outside of research, he is a sportsman, being skilled in badminton, volleyball, and soccer. What's more, he loves an E-sports team RNG and takes the team's name "Royal Never Give Up" as a motto.

Team members
Qing Bowen

Qing Bowen is a senior computer science student at Southern University of Science and Technology, specializing in photography and video, with rich experience in graphic design. He is mainly responsible for public art design and recording daily team activities with the camera, planning, shooting, and editing team promotional videos. Because of studying overseas, he mainly communicates and cooperate with teammates online in the second half of iGEM activities, and work in a timely and responsible manner.

Team members
Wang Qianqian

She’s name is Wang Qianqian, a third-year undergraduate student major in bioscience. Qian is a member of the HP group, who manages finance and helps hold the human practice activity. She wants to come to IGEM to find out how synthetic biology can be combined with human practice. How synthetic biology can help improve human well-being is the question she wanted to explore when she came to IGEM. In life, her greatest interest is sleeping and being in a daze. Although her sleep time is always insufficient under the temptation of her mobile phone, she feels that sleeping is the most wonderful thing in life and also the greatest source of inspiration.

Team members
Jiang Nanfei

Jiang Nanfei is a current junior studying Mathematics and Applied mathematics. He joined the SUSTech iGEM 2021 Team to explore the possibility of applying his mathematical knowledge to the field of synthetic biology. Optimization tools, Machine Learning, Differential Equation, etc. He hopes this knowledge could help biological areas in a meaningful way.

Team members
Liu Jiayi

Liu Jiayi is a junior student in Biomedical Engineering, who participates in the research of biological materials. Intending to analyze biological processes using mathematical methods, she joined the team of SUSTech iGEM, hoping to mathematical the reactions in living things.

Team members
Yao Qi

Yao Qi, a member of the project, is a sophomore with a key high school diploma. He is a member of class 1805, Zhixin college, majoring in biomedical engineering, and has joined Lawrence`s club to research cell engineering. He is also keen on entrepreneurship and poetry and has won several awards in both fields. In the academic field, he is keen on exploring the engineering research of the intestinal microbial community.

Team members
Yu Liqing

Yu Liqing is a sophomore at the Southern University of Science and Technology. He joined iGEM as an opportunity to learn specific knowledge of synthetic biology and the construction of engineering bacteria. With a great passion for protein and gene technology, he is eager for a further understanding of genetically engineered bacteria. He also hopes to be able to use the application of synthetic biology to assist current existing problems. When he's not pursuing his research, Yu Liqing prefers to play basketball and table tennis. Sleeping is one of the most favorable matters as well.

Team members
Wang Yehan

Wang Yehan is a senior at Southern University of Science and Technology majoring in Biomedical Engineering. With a desire for interdisciplinary communication and a passion for professional learning in synthetic biology, he joined iGEM to be a part of fighters, creators, and dreamers. Outside of research, he is also keen on experiencing something novel and challenging.

Team members
Cai Peijing

Cai Peijing is a senior undergraduate major in Biomedical Engineering at Southern University of Science and Technology. She is currently working in iGEM team in the laboratory of professor HO Chun Loong. In the team, her main work is to construct a bacteria sensor using Lactobacillus reuteri. Besides, she also assists other team members to do their tasks, such as plasmid transformation, DNA gel electrophoresis, and Gibson assembly. Her research interest including biology medicine and environmental governance. Therefore, she has studied several courses such as biochemistry I and II, cell biology, microbiology, and molecular biology.

Team members