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They have made outstanding attributions to iGEM of SUSTech.

About Attributions

The hardworkers

Qu Zeyang

Qu Zeyang is the team leader coordinating experiments and models. He proposed the project idea, designed the whole genetic circuit, and raised the basic idea of modeling. And he is also complete some parts of the work of both the experiment and modeling part.

Gong Yingxuan

As the team leader, she is mainly responsible for the planning and organization of various activities of HP, collaboration, communication, and education, and participated in the process of each activity to ensure the smooth development of the activity. These include exchanges and cooperation with major universities, as well as research in hospitals. At the same time, from the inception of the idea to the implementation, she allowed the Spring Buds public welfare project to develop smoothly and continue. She hopes that through public welfare activities, more people can approach synthetic biology and let everyone have a deeper understanding of diarrhea.

Su Qilun

In the team, he was responsible for the operation of the official account, the photography of the event, and the copywriting of some publicity materials. He is also the principal wiki manager, responsible for building the wiki framework and maintaining it. He sent five posts, participated in the photography and retouching work of most activities, participated in the shooting and acting of two videos of the team, wrote the copywriting part of the publicity manual, built more than ten wiki interfaces, and guided the typesetting of part.

Shi Songlin

Shi Songlin played a role as the principle of communication and education. He is in charge of communicating with the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi 'an Jiaotong University and Feiru Biotech and one of the principles of external communication. He organized the Deep Blue Charity and communicated with SZU-China, which laied a foundation for further cooperation. He was one of the principles of the meeting on April 4th,2021.He was one of the founders of the Spring Buds, participated in all activities. He was in charge of our journey and preparation of CCIC.

Lei hongqiu

Lei hongqiu is a junior majoring in biomedical engineering at Southern University of Science and Technology. She is the leader of the art for the iGEM Team and is mainly responsible for wiki design, visual design, and human practice. The website design includes the layout of the Wiki and the drawing of the website background. She also completed the team logo design and culturally creative products, such as card covers, masks, badges, manuals, and so on. In addition, she participated in a lot of human practice activities and some parts of the wiki writing and she carried out the Cloud West Voluntary support education held by the school.

Men Siqi

Men Siqi is the art director of the team, and is also responsible for population part of human practice and vedio making.In art, she designed and made the posters for the Deep Blue Charity and the CCiC conference.She also played an important role in WiKi, for she designed and made all the frame animation and drawing of principle explanation section on the home page. She also made the illustrations for other pages. In human practice part, she introduced our iGEM project and general knowledge of diarrhea and synthetic biology to walk-by students in the Deep Blue Charity. What's more, she designed all the curriculum content and the interactive games of the Spring Buds. On July 10th, she conducted the first science popularization activity for the children of faculty and staff at SUSTech as the keynote speaker. Also, she participated in the video planning and shooting and was responsible for the design and production of the stop-motion animation part of the video.

Qing Bowen

He is mainly responsible for publicity art design and recording daily team activities with camera, planning, shooting and editing of team promotional videos. Unification and beautification of presentations slides for team promotion and debriefing, animation of wiki. Design of promotional posters and brochure covers. Planning and arranging online communication sessions for some parter universities .

Wang Qianqian

In the team of SUSTech_Shenzhen, I was in charge of manage finance for human practice and experiments; layout design of the brochure about popularizing diarrhea, and I have taken part in the collaboration with XILI people’s hospital and the writing of text for Wiki. Also, I had taken several meeting minutes.

Jiang Nanfei

It can be seen that diarrhea is a disease that has caused widespread distress to the public, and the understanding of diarrhea is not sufficient. This is also the premise for us to carry out research on diarrhea-related treatment methods and expand diarrhea-related science.

Liu Jiayi

Research the experiment circuit, and construct part of the Ordinary differential System. Use Simulink to simulate the biological circuit. Sort the research information and help write a team wiki.

Yao Qi

In this project, Yao Qi was mainly responsible for the construction of the antimicrobial peptide system and completed the construction of the plasmid system of PHLF-PPHLF-ESA Box-HLF and part of the validation activities of the experimental pathway.

Yu Liqing

In the iGEM project, Yuliqing is mainly taking charge of the Gibson Assembly part of the recombinant plasmid and the designing of a plasmid to detect quorum-sensing signals of Vibrio cholerae as CAI-1. Testing the fluorescent expression of the CAI-1 detector plasmid.

Wang Yehan

Wang Yehan mainly took part in a wet lab experiment, including plasmid construction and other testing trials in the part of secreting hydrophilic polysaccharides.

Cai Peijing

Construct bacteria sensor using Lactobacillus reuteri, including finding reference for autolysis and AHL production in Lactobacillus, designing plasmid working in Lactobacillus reuteri, and prepared before the experiment, such as competent cells production and plasmid transformation. Besides, she assists other team members to do their tasks, such as plasmid transformation, DNA gel electrophoresis, and Gibson assembly.

Technical Support

Ho ChoonLong (Assistant Professor and head of the Synthetic biology laboratory in SUSTech, our Primary PI): He guided us for all of our engineering and experiments, and always there when we need help. He also helped us establish exchanges with other IGEM team such as NUS_Singapore.

Rao Feng (Associate Professor in SUSTech Department of Biology, our Secondary PI): He help us solve the problems in most of the the experiment.

Chen Jun (Post-doctoral fellow in Synthetic biology laboratory in SUSTech, our Instructors): He adviced us in most of the engineering and experiment parts.

Liu Zhao (PhD student in Synthetic biology laboratory in SUSTech): He provided Gibson Assembly Master Mix(2x) for Gibson assembly.

Liu Feng (postgraduate student in Synthetic biology laboratory in SUSTech): He provided Q5 2x PCR enzyme Mix and 2x TaqPCR enzyme Mix for us. And he provide guidances in HPLC experiments and PCR experiments.

Wang Guan Yu (Associate Professor in SUSTech Department of Biology): he gave us technical supports and useful advice in modeling parts.

Yu Pan (PhD): He provide the plasmid of HLF and instruction of protein purification.

BGI: They synthesized plasmids pBbE6k-RcsB, pBbE6k-RFP, pTRKH3-ermLuxI-gadAcmA for our experiments.


Financial Support

Department of Biology in Sustech: they gave us financial support so that we have money to purchase experimental material.

College Students' Innovative Entrepreneurial Training Plan Program: they gave us financial support so that we have money to purchase experimental material.


Feng Juerong (the doctor of Shenzhen Second People's Hospital): He gave us the advice that we need to pay more attention to acceptance of patients.

Yu Tingting (the doctor of the Hospital of the Southern university of Science and Technology): She help us contact with the Hospital of the Southern university of Science and Technology and give us some advice on how to transform the project into society.

Jia Ai (the doctor of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University): He reminded us to consider biosafety and medical ethics.



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