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Group Leaders

Group Leaders

Yiwei Zhao: He is the general team leader. Throughout the whole project, he is responsible for administration of the whole team, management of projects out of lab, and keeping in touch with other teams. He is also responsible for the organisation of Wiki contents and presentation video. Other than management jobs, he takes charge of one of the team's models. He also takes part in interviews in iHP project, and gives lectures to primary school and junior high students in Communication.

Feng Long: She is the general team leader and responsible for the wetlab. She designs and implements the experiments with advisors' help. Additionally, she provides chances of educating their peers in the iGEM club and the old, who are not familiar with biology, for Science Communication group.

Anke Zeng: She is the general leader of this team and project. She contributes to the preliminary project selection and refines many details of EDU and iHP, such as interviewing cleaners for iHP, organizing the broadcast for collaboration, and finishing the whole translation part of EDU. Also, she plays a role in the presentation video as the property master, makeup, and costume supervisor.


Yuxin Zhang: She is the leader of Wiki and she organizes the Wiki's contents with Yiwei Zhao. She also focuses on Human Practices. She directs, films and edits the cleaning-gums-by-ourselves video, and designs an art work for the art exhibition. Moreover, she organizes the interview with the Luohu District City Management and Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau. Finally, she takes charge of scriptwriting in presentation video.

Yuxuan Xie: She is the leader of Modeling. She is mainly responsible for the designing, constructing and supervising the progress of every model. She also plays a role in the wetlab in the rational design part. Besides, she takes charge of shooting work in both promotion video and presentation video.

Yexuan Li: He is mainly responsible for Wiki programming. He also takes part in Education and wetlab.

Xiaojun Yan: He participates in the wetlab of the LCP experiments. He also contributes to the team's iHP and Education.

Rong Hua: She takes charge of Science Communication, supervising the process of every activity. Besides, she is keen on making friends with others and developing good relationships among our partners and us. She participates in the wet-lab and takes part in simple experiments.

Rongying Zhang: She is the head leader of Human Practice group. She is mainly responsible for the design of Education, assignment and arrangement of tasks, holding HP meetings and supervising and ensuring the progress of the project.

Shaoxi Zhang: He is the head leader of Hardware. He contributes to most parts of the model construction of hardware, while he also plays an important role in protein extraction and purification in wetlab. Additionally, he helps record the Promotion Video.

Yusi Luo: She takes part in Wet Lab experiments and plays a role in the Kindergarten Education. She interviewed the road cleaners for iHP and also contributes to Collaborations and the QUICK part. Additionally, she helps with some colour beautifications, the Promotion Video and the Presentation Video.

Miao Zheng:Miao Zheng is the director and presenter of the presentation video. She is the head leader of the art and design work for the team. She conducts the art exhibition, including design, arrangements and advertising. She also contributes to human practice, wetlab work, the design of hardware and the design of Wiki.

Zixuan Qiu: She primarily takes part in HP. She interviewed a gum retailer and a gum producer for HP. She also gave an online class to kindergarten children with Yusi Luo.

Yiwen Huang: Yiwen Huang takes part in art and design work for the team including the Promotion Video assistance. In addition, Huang contributes in some of the HP and wetlab parts and takes responsibility in the design and construction of Wiki pages.


Tianzuo Zeng: He, who managed wet-lab last year for team SMS_Shenzhen, participated in designing, acting and debugging in wet-lab this year.

Huanran Sun: This young man is the scriptwriter, director, and editor of team Promotion Video.

Xinyang Xie: As an iGEMer last year, he provided assistance in modeling and Wiki.

Yiming Chen: He helps us with our filmmaking, and is responsible for shooting the promotion video.


Ying Liu: She, as the PI, helps the team communicate with iGEM headquarters. As a school faculty, she manages the purchases for the team.

Wenxi Li: She is responsible for team management and supports the team in wet lab, dry lab, wiki editing and graphic design.

Xinyu Liu: She provides experimental support for the team.

Yeqing Zong: He provides academic support for the team, performing professional advice in the experiment design.

He Zhao: She contributes to team building, organizing feedback from each member in the team.

Special Thanks To

Cong Shen: Special thanks to Cong Shen for his support for the art exhibition. He gave a serious lecture for the team to introduce the concept of bio-art, and kindly helped with the brainstorming.

Tianxiao Chen: Special thanks to Tianxiao Chen for her support for the promotion video and the presentation video. She gave professional advice in scripting writing and shooting.