Lin He is the supervisor of our team and the director of Bio-X, who gave us funding and university-related support. He founded iGEM team SJTU-BioX-Shanghai twelve years ago and has been supporting us since then.

Gang Ma is the supervisor of our team and the professor of Bio-X. He provided us the laboratory and basic instruments, and helped us to reach out to many experts for specific instruments and materials support. He kept following our progress and gave us advice in big picture.

Yushu Wang kept company with us the whole time. She cared about every step of us, provided guidance for equipments usage, and helped with all kinds of problems, from ordering materials to troubleshooting.


Critical equipment and material Support

Gang Ma`s Lab (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

providing all of the basic equipment and common reagent

Experimental Teaching Center of Shanghai Jiao Tong University

place and basic equipment for wet experiment in summer holiday

Daxiang Cui's Lab (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

the machine, some materials and advice for making lateral flow test strips

laboratory of environmental health (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

9 micromolecular samples in ligand group for De novo Rapid in Vitro Evolution of RNA biosensors(DRIVER)

Shengce Tao's Lab (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

purified S1 protein of COVID-19

Xiuping Qian's Lab (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

2 micromolecular samples in ligand group for DRIVER

Difficult technology support

NovelBio helped us to perform the next-generation sequencing of evolved library in DRIVER system.

Advice for practical application

Experts in specific fields

(sorted by last name)

Linquan Bai from Shanghai Jiao Tong university

microbial functional genomics, antibiotic biosynthesis and regulation

Yide He from Nanjing Tech University

orientation and toxicology of new pollutants in the environment

Hong Luo from Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences

fungal genomes and transcriptomes, gene functions, metabolic pathways

Jie Song from Shanghai Jiao Tong university

DNA nanotechnology and its applications in biomedicine

Zhuo Tang from Chengdu Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

development of gene detection methods and design of nucleic acid probe in vitro selection of functional macromolecular

Guoquan Wang from Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Shanghai

application research of chromatographic and mass spectrometry in the public health field

Yaxian Yan from Shanghai Jiao Tong university

agricultural and livestock products safety testing technology

Kun Zhang from Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Shanghai

environmental analysis and monitoring, environmental pollutant behavior, environmental health

Yanbin Zhao from Shanghai Jiao Tong university

environmental Health, environmental and molecular toxicology, environmental Biotechnology

Advisors from SJTU-BioX-Shanghai (2020)

Keyi Li

Keyi Li is the student leader of SJTU-BioX-Shanghai (2020), who introduce iGEM competition to us and recruited the members of SJTU-BioX-Shanghai (2021). She helped us to understand the iGEM competition system and provided many significant suggestions about project design, trouble shooting and time management.

Chenxu Feng

Chenxu Feng is the wet lab leader of SJTU-BioX-Shanghai (2020). He not only helped us to be familiar with the conventional wet lab operation but else shared the precious experience of lab work management with us. He designed the overlap PCR protocol for T7 transcription template preparation.

Jiangying Liu

Jiangying Liu is a member of SJTU-BioX-Shanghai (2020) wet lab. He provided suggestions about molecular cloning experiment and PCR reaction.

Special acknowledgement for Dr. Joy S. Xiang from Stanford University!

Dr. Joy is one of the primary authors of A multiplexed, automated evolution pipeline enables scalable discovery and characterization of biosensors, in which she reported the design of DRIVER system and the aptazyme named Gard-337. Her previous work set the foundation of our work, and it`s her generous help that make it possible for us to go through such a complex process in our project.

Students members

(sorted by first name)

Bairun Chen

-organized and carried out various modeling work.
-designed the workflow of probe design and implemented each module to guide the web experiment.

Chenhan Xiao

-revised the project's description, which is for introductory purpose.
-drafted the project abstract and collaboration invitations.
-participated in the lab experiment, including sequencing and configuring.

Dingkang Hu

-came up with an idea of using DRIVER system in our project, and the application of nucleic acid aptamer was investigated.
-completed the text of Description, Result and Design together with other team members.
-participated in the design and completion of pre-screening experiments and hardware verification experiments.
-participated in the communication with DRIVER system developers and participated in the work of Human practice Education.

Hongyi Qian

-designed the Poster layout for CCiC.
-Refined and changed the font and color system of the illustration.

Jiaqi Fei

-member of the Design Group
-designed the logo of the team.
-participated in part of the Human practice work.
-made most of the illustrations on the wiki.

Jiehan Zhang

-came up with the idea about magnetogentics at the very initial stage of iGEM season.
-optimized and performed DRIVER and CleaveSeq along with other members.
-participated in communication with other researchers and in education.
-participated in writing the manuscript.

Ruobing Dai

-participate in the discussion of topic selection.
-analyze the design style of previous best wikis.
-participate in wiki design discussions.
-wiki code writing.

Shihan Luo

-participated in the concept of our project and found some evidence to support our project.
-designed and performed the lateral flow analysis(LFA) production and effect verification experiments, participated in some DRIVER experiments.
-participated in writing some wiki pages.
-assisted with some HP work.

Siyuan Ren

-participated in choosing and revising the general subject of our project, and made further research on studies about aptamer-based detection.
-participated in the detailed experiments of revising the protocol of aptazyme selection, formal selection rounds and test strip building.
-contacted the author of the article "A multiplexed, automated evolution pipeline enables scalable discovery and characterization of biosensors" through emails and Zoom meetings to confirm and improve our understanding of the DRIVER&CleavSeq system and got suggestions on how we could repeat their work and add our own design to the system.
-participated in some of our human practice work and made records, including consulting several experts, giving presentations to younger students in our university about iGEM and synthetic biology, etc.

Xi Yu

-came up with an idea of detection of mushroom toxin at the initial stage with other team members.
-designed, optimized and performed experiments about lateral flow assay, participated in the pre-screening experiment, regulated experiment progress.
-participated in editing of team wiki.

Xianghai Jiang

-came up with a idea of programming bacteria metabolism through optogenetially controlling the initial growth site of various kinds of bacteria to gain certain benefits of interspecies quorum sensing, and made some in-depth research.
-selected and prepared the mixture of target molecules.
-participated in the following experiment process: aptamer cleave verification, verification of inhibition of cleave after binding, DRIVER selection of the aptazymes.

Xinyue Han

-designed the illustrations of wiki.
-designed the layout of wiki.
-made the animation for presentation video.

Yingrui Qiao

-participated in our project proposal, and did lots of researches to support our idea.
-completed screening and LFA experiments with other team members.
-participated in parts of human practice work, such as communicating with other iGEM teams, interviewing several experts and making the education video for teenagers.
-responsible for parts of wiki contents.

Yifan Li

-completed the modeling of De novo Rapid In Vitro Evolution of RNA biosensors and got the result.
-come up with the ODE equation to simulate the transcription process.
-assisted with some other modeling tasks, such as probe designing.

Yuxi Lu

-coordinated the work of the whole team.
-organized the work schedule and the weekly meeting.
-contacted with PI and instructors.
-managed the information of iGEM competition.
-designed the color report system with LFA.
-proposed the optimization solution to shorten testing time with toehold-mediated strand displacement(TMSD).
-designed and performed the experiments about TMSD.
-helped with most of the wet lab work.

Yuying He

-member of the human practice group.
-managed to conduct various educational projects and got involved in questionnaire design.
-responsible for interview and field investigation.
-participated in contacting companies.
-devoted to collaboration with other teams and establishing partnership relationship with SJTU software team.

Zhinuo Zhou

-came up with an idea of microbial evolution simulation at the beginning of the iGEM season.
-completed the design and implementation of the analysis pipeline for NGS sequencing data.
-assisted in some other modeling tasks like probe designing and DRIVER system modeling.
-write the contents of wiki's design and model parts.

Ziao Zhang

-involved in the experiment process.
-help find molecular targets.
-check and develop experiment protocol.
-help with the design of the video.

Zijian Zhu

-member of the human practice.
-come up with an idea of using DRIVER to be a detection.
-managed to set up educational projects in different majors of undergraduates.
-hold some meetings with professors and companies.
-take part in a design of wiki

Zixiu Chen

-designed the appearances of experimental graphs.
-arranged presentation of data images.
-attended picturing and designing of main page.

Ziyi Liu

-leader of the desigen group.
-responsible for promotion video and presentation video production.
-participate in logo design and wiki design.
-work with HP group to produce education videos.


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