The Problem

Sepsis is a dangerous condition that results from an overwhelming immune response to an infection. An immediate diagnosis is critical, as even a small delay in treatment can dramatically worsen the patient's condition. Currently, many of the biomarkers we rely on to diagnose sepsis require invasive procedures such as a blood draw, and the need for processing by a laboratory greatly delays diagnosis and treatment.

Our Solution

In our project ‘Bio-Spire’ we combine the need for continuous biomolecule monitoring with the recent discoveries of many diagnostically useful biomarkers in sweat. We are developing a wearable device that measures and reports the real-time concentrations of a customizable set of biomarkers found in sweat. Our receptors for the biomarkers are attached to small graphene sheets, resulting in a conductance change when they bind the biomarkers of interest. This wearable biosensor will allow for quantitative readout and timely diagnosis of our model condition – sepsis.

About Us

University of Rochester’s 2021 iGEM team is composed of 12 undergraduate students. We come from three different class years, multiple different countries and a variety of majors. Together, we are combining our knowledge of biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, and engineering, as well as our desire to learn and research more about these fields to create and carry out our project. We hope that our project will have a positive impact on the world and the field of science.

Meet the Team

IGEM 2021

We're proud to announce that our team was awarded with a gold medal and several award nominations. Our nominations for best diagnostic, best education, and best hardware have made us the second-most awarded team in North America.

Contact Us

Facebook: @rochester.igem.2021
Instagram: @ur.igem.2021
Twitter: @ur_IGEM