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We won the Silver medal!

We have received the Silver Medal for the activities we developed throughout the whole iGEM season! Check out below the criteria we have fulfilled:

Bronze Criteria

Criterium Description
Competition Deliverables We have successfully filled the Judging Form, made the promo and presentation videos and completed our project Wiki! Check them out!
Promo Video
Presentation Video
Attributions We have described the role of each member of our team to make the Ammit project come true! Check it out in: Attributions.
Project Description In the Project description page, we have discussed the relevance of arboviral infections in our country and how important it is to solve the cross reaction problem in order to improve serological diagnostics accuracy.
Contribution Our contribution to the iGEM community was better documenting some protein linkers available in the iGEM registry and also a chimeric protein guide. Know more in the Contribution page.

Silver Criteria

Criterium Description
Engineering Success We used the design, build, test and learn cycle to both select the most promising epitopes for Ammit and complete its structural design. Check out our strategy in Engineering Success.
Collaboration Throughout the season, we have interacted with some iGEM teams to exchange ideas about our projects and help each other! Know more in the Collaborations Page.
Human Practices We have consulted both medical professionals and experts in the field to collect valuable feedback in order to better understand the impact of our project in the world. Check out in Human Practices.
Proposed Implementation In the Proposed Implementation page, we explained how Ammit can be used as a versatile product for different types of serological diagnostics.

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