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Our project has aimed to build multi-epitope proteins in order to detect anti-dengue antibodies in a more specific way, minimizing cross-reaction with other flaviviruses such as Zika. So we have accomplished to design two multi-epitope proteins, DME-C and DME-BR, the latter being different from the first due to a few mutations made in order to make the sequence closer to Dengue Brazilian strains. In addition, since we used a rigid linker to join the epitopes constituting these chimeric proteins that were not included in the iGEM registry, we also decided to submit this protein domain as a basic part.

Check those parts below!

Basic Parts

Biobrick Code Type Name Function
BBa_K3795001 Coding DME-BR Multi-epitope protein for capturing anti-Dengue antibodies
BBa_K3795000 Coding DME-CR Multi-epitope protein for capturing anti-Dengue antibodies
BBa_K3795002 Protein Domain GPGPG linker Rigid linker for joining protein domains

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