Constructing a project requires not only huge efforts from the team members, but also the help, motivations, discussions and inspirations from our iGEM companions. Hence, we have collaborated with Team KUAS_Korea, Team TAS_Taipei, and Taiwan iGEM teams such as Team NCHU_Taichung, NCKU_Tainan, NCTU_Formosa, CCU_Taiwan, NTHU_Taiwan, and CSMU_Taiwan.
2021 iGEM International Optogenetics Conference
We hosted the 2021 iGEM International Optogenetics Conference. We posted the invitation on iGEM collaboration page, and sent the meeting materials via email. The participant was Team KUAS_Korea. Both teams presented their projects, actively participated in the Q&A session, and exchanged ideas on each other’s optogenetics designs.
iGEM Team TAS_Taipei
We also collaborated with Team TAS_Taipei. After receiving our protocol, they conducted a confirmative experiment for us - measuring the expression rate of Red Fluorescent Protein (RFP) of our genetically modified E. coli  under different concentrations of L-arabinose, and provided us with E. coli  Nissle 1917, which we use to make our final product. In return, we provided them with the plate reader they needed, and invited them to conduct experiments in our laboratory. For more information, please visit our Results page.
2021 iGEM Taiwan Meetup
Moreover, we joined the 2021 iGEM Taiwan Meetup, and discussed our projects with Team NCHU_Taichung, NCKU_Tainan, NCTU_Formosa, CCU_Taiwan, NTHU_Taiwan, and our host, CSMU_Taiwan. We learned a lot from other Taiwan iGEMers, including wet lab designs, the meaning of human practice, environmental and medical problems that exist in the world and are eagerly waiting to be solved.
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