A fast and highly accurate diagnostic kit to detect COVID-19 and one of its variants.
The recent pandemic has taught us that detection of diseases is vital in preventing a massive outbreak. Rapid and accurate detection can vastly reduce the spread of disease.
Detection of various diseases often requires expertise and pricey equipment. Furthermore, full confirmation of a test result can stretch on for a long time.
We have developed a device that is able to detect the virus in less than an hour without specialised training.
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Hello, we are Team NTU-Singapore.
We are a team of undergraduate Engineering students from Nanyang Technological University under the guidance of Professor Tan Meng How and 3 mentors.
Kean Hean
Wei Heng
Chun Ting
Hui Min
Zheng Qiao
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During the course of our project, we've had the opportunity to work with iGEM teams around the world.
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We have made several useful contributions to future iGEM teams, from both the engineering and biological aspects of our project.
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We conducted a wide range of human practices to reach out to different segments of the community and educate others about synthetic biology. This was carried out in a number of ways, such as holding and participating in events, by distributing educational materials, by carrying out interactive activities, by creating social media posts, by conducting surveys and learning more about community needs via interview sessions.
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After optimising our design and tailoring it to the needs of potential consumers, we propose Vanguard, a portable and user-friendly device
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Beyond proving that our design is feasible, we want to ensure that Vanguard makes an actual difference in the healthcare industry. That is why we created a comprehensive plan to bring it to market.
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