Michigan State University iGEM team was proud to collaborate with the following teams on several projects:

Alma University

Hosted us on their podcast, ScotScience, to further discuss our project as well as the impact of iGEM.

Maastricht University

MSU helped the Maastricht team with creating a hypothetical biocontainment system that could be used in their project of testing their microbe in cattle rumen to prevent unwanted horizontal gene transfer. We also worked on a piece to contribute to their own journal with a focus on our work and what we have accomplished so far.

Costa Rica

Collaborated on a round table discussion with a focus on the importance of biocontainment. Leading up to this event, we also did an educational series on our instagram social media account to bring awareness to the different biocontainment systems that are available. Costa Rica also provided input on a survey we conducted on biocontainment for iGEM teams. The results of the discussion were utilized in a report along with a survey we conducted in order to create a biocontainment report to provide insight on how teams utilize biocontainment in their projects. See this report in the education and communication sheet.


Contributed to the roundtable discussion we held with Costa Rica by presenting on the importance of knowing regulations set forth by your institution, country, and international rulings.


Participated in their postcard project with several other teams. We contributed our own postcard design with a description of our project to be distributed to other teams who also participated.

Ohio State University

Created a small Slack server with Ohio State University to discuss Wiki challenges and provide solutions to one another. This collaboration allowed us to swap wiki elements such as code for navigation bars.