Undergraduate Students

    Kate Adams-Boone

    Kate was the student leader for the MSU iGEM Team 2021. She’s the leader of the conjugation prevention sub-team and a member of the HGT assay design, as well as the implementation sub-teams. Kate worked in the wet-lab for conjugation prevention and Toxin/Antitoxin.

    Emma Boismier

    Leader of the Toxin/Antitoxin design sub-team. She was instrumental in the plasmid design for this part of our project and worked in the wet-lab. She was also involved in the HGT assay design subteam.

    Tyler Criss

    Leader of Bioinformatics sub-team, responsible for identifying sites of nucleotide conservation across conjugative plasmid populations and families.

    Emma Rico

    Leader of human practices as well as implementation sub-teams. Emma coordinated all collaborations, partnerships, events, and handled the team's social media pages. Emma was also part of the Toxin/Antitoxin and bioinformatics subteams.

    Shelby Santos

    Leader of the Modeling sub-team and worked on the models that we utilized based off of our wet-lab results (Agent-Based Model and Markov Model). Shelby was also a part of the implementation and HGT assay design subteams.

    Alexander (Sasha) Szura

    Leader of the HGT assay design sub-team. Sasha worked in the wet-lab for HGT assay and provided the data for the modeling team. Sasha was also a part of the bioinformatics, modeling, and toxin/antitoxin subteams.

Graduate Mentors

  • Davis Mathieu: Mentor to the bioinformatics subteam. Trained us in operating the command line interface, helped guide bioinformatic analyses, and proofread code/writing.

  • Shaylynn Miller: Mentor to the Toxin-Antitoxin subteam. She trained students in the wet lab, helped with planning experiments, construct design, and troubleshooting on a day to day basis.

  • Kati Ford: Mentor to the Conjugation Prevention subteam. She trained students in the wet lab, helped with planning experiments, construct design, and troubleshooting on a day to day basis.

  • Jake Bibik: Mentor to the HGT assay team, helped troubleshoot any problems that came up and guided us all in the right direction for setting up the experiment.

  • Jonathan Sakkos: Mentor to modeling team, assisted with understandings of Agent-Based Modeling and simulating microbial communities.

  • Garret Miller: Mentor to the bioinformatics team. Provided the team with useful scripts and aided us with sequence similarity networks.

  • Nick Schlecht: Helped HGT students with general lab questions and protocols.

  • Jacob Jensen: A member of the 2020 iGEM team, helped the wiki sub-team to get a grasp on tools and best practices for website development.

Faculty Mentors

  • Bjoern Hamberger
  • Michaela TerAvest
  • Danny Ducat
  • Masako Harada
  • Neal Hammer
  • Rob Quinn


We are grateful for the support of Promega and Beckman-Coulter in funding our project.

Special Thanks

  • Thomas Herlache (Michigan State University) for providing insights into biotechnology regulations.
  • Gavin Douglas (Dalhousie University) for guidance in developing modeling approaches and strategies for sequence analysis.
  • Ian Campbell and Jonathon Silberg for help with vector selection and design.
  • Nick Tefft (Michigan State University) for aiding in acquisition of supplies and providing training and support to our wet lab team.
  • All individuals, companies, and organizations that contributed to our project by providing insight to areas of concern, feedback, and criticism that impacted our project. See Human Practices.