Josh O'Brien

Degree: BSc Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Role on the team: Team Lead & Wet lab lead, Bioinformatics, Project development, idea generation, biofrag design
Fun fact: Youngest person ever to place top 2 in a Natural bodybuilding competition Ireland with the NBFI. Also being 6ft…
Favourite cuisine: Italian (does italian hand thing)
Favourite part of iGEM: Getting to work with like and brilliant minded individuals to take an idea and bring it to reality whilst also solving a world/local problem.

Clodagh Healy

Degree: BSc Hons Veterinary Bioscience
Role on the team: Biology Research, Artwork design and Bioinformatics
Fun fact: My great grandmother lived till 106 years old
Favourite cuisine: Anything sweet
Favourite part of iGEM: Meeting the other team members and learning about different skills and techniques.

Justin Hayes

Degree: BSc Hons Veterinary Bioscience
Role on the team: Co-leader, Biofrag design and testing, protein design and wet lab involvement.
Fun fact: Was the first official male student in Hornsey School for Girls in London where I did my A levels.
Favourite cuisine: Indian cuisine, especially hot curries!
Favourite part of iGEM: Meeting like minded people with a common goal in science and learning new research techniques in protein construction, primer design, and genetic engineering.

Mei Chen

Degree: BSc Hons Computer Systems
Role on the team: Wiki lead, Co-leader, Public Relations, Communications
Fun fact: I have a black belt in jiu jitsu and am a professional smoothie maker
Favourite cuisine: Anything spicy or sour
Favourite part of iGEM: I enjoyed working with new people and learning new things from them. During this project I was able to work on the design and art for the wiki with my fellow team members, learn and carry out tasks on the go, learn facts about Mars and space.

Alannah O’Flaherty

Degree: BSc Hons Business
Role on the team: Video and design, Public relations
Fun fact: Second cousins with Dick Van Dyke
Favourite cuisine: Moroccan
Favourite part of iGEM: Being introduced to science as I come from a business background. I enjoyed learning random facts along the way and picking up knowledge about the world around me.

Rachel Holmes

Degree:BSc Hons Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Role on the team: Wet Lab team leader & Human Practices, Ethics, Safety and Outreach team leader.
Fun fact: I am a qualified dance teacher and have been riding horses since the age of 3.
Favourite cuisine: Thai cuisine, the spicier the better!
Favourite part of iGEM: Forming a friendship with an amazing group of people who I wouldn’t have crossed paths with without this opportunity, and getting the chance to develop my knowledge in various fields of science and technology.

James O'Connell

Degree: BSC Hons Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Role on the team: Co-leader , wet lab member, Human Practices, Ethics, Safety and Outreach team co -leader.
Fun fact: My uncle was Mel Gibsons stunt double for a couple of years.
Favourite cuisine: Anything with chicken or spicy.
Favourite part of iGEM: Working with different people and teams around the world and mentoring kids in the ASYV Class .