Team:MTU-CORK/Support Team

Dr. Venkata Vamsi BY

Role on the team: Instructor

Field of interest: Synthetic biology and business

Fun fact: I can read and write 5 languages

Favourite part of IGEM: Science and Communication

Dr. Ganga Chinna Rao Devarapu

Role on the team: Secondary PI, CAD design of BioFrags and 3D-printing, outreach

Field of interest: Physics, Photonics, Synthetic Biology, Opensource Hardware

Fun fact: Loves light

Favourite part of IGEM: Hardware, particularly design of the BioFrags and their 3D-printing

Dr. Uday Gowda

Degree: PhD in Physics
Role on the team: Advisor, 3D printing, Technical support
Fun fact: Has travelled to over 40 countries, ambidextrous
Fav cuisine: International vegetarian
Field: Physics, Photonics, Opensource Hardware

Susan Enright

Degree: MSc in Biological Sciences, BSc in Biochemistry.

Role on the team: Instructor

Favourite part of IGEM: Seeing how the team's ideas developed and evolved.

Favourite cuisine: Italian

Dr. Liam Lewis

Role on the team: CAPPA Centre Manager, Funding Support and project management.

Fun fact: Once won a prize for guessing smells!

Degree: PhD Microelectronic Engineering, MSc and BSc Physics

Favourite cuisine: Irish meats, steak, lamb and pork
Favourite part of IGEM: Encouraging cross discipline research with exciting people and solving real world problem through collaboration

Professor Jim O'Mahony

Role on the team: Academic advisor

Field of Interest: Biotechnology
Fun Fact: I was a national hammer throwing champion
Favourite Cuisine: Asian
Favourite part of IGEM: Watching student’s develop an idea in a real world environment.

Audrey Masi

Role on the team:Mentor
My field of interest: The design of bioprocesses. I like to research the natural talent of microorganisms and study the interaction between the manufacturing environment and the microorganism to produce compounds of interest especially for health purposes.
Favourite part of IGEM: Discovering the diversity of ideas teams have came up with.
Fun fact: When I need to find a solution to a problem occurring in a process, I try to imagine I am a microorganism

Dan Keaney

Role on the team: Mentor

Field of interest: Microbiology, Exobiology, design.

Fun fact: Loves the art of design

Favorite part of IGEM: Helping design experimental plans, mentoring the team and the creative design elements.

Dr. Eilish Broderick

Role on the team: PI, Academic advisor

Favourite part of IGEM: Cross disciplinary teams working together, developing scientific and communication skills

Dr. William Whelan Curtin

Role on the team:PI

Field of Interest:Physics

Fun fact: Been concussed three times and had amnesia once

Favourite part: Mars