MTU Cork IGEM Team 2021

MTU-CORK won a Silver Medal for our iGEM Project!

The story begins 394.52 million kilometres away from Earth where an alien named Martina was having some deep thoughts in her humble abode... She decides to bring her thoughts to her friends to see what they think of it

Guys, we have a problem! I can't think of a way to grow food for our human friends on Mars

I don't know what to do...This is a disaster!

Hold on... I've got an idea! I know this team of scientists that can help us, they call themselves MTU-CORK
Lets see if they have any ideas!

2 minutes later...

Meet the team, their BioR.E.M project with their BioFrag will help us!

This is the inner structure of the biofrag, but how does it work you ask? Well lets take a closer look

The sponge provides a comfy environment for specially engineered ecoli bacteria. In the sponge they have lots of space to multiply and lots of broth to keep them strong. The bacteria work hard to eat all the perchlorate from the soil so the humans don’t have to eat any!

But wait! How do the bacteria eat the perchlorate you ask? By a chemical reaction of course! They release safe and friendly oxygen when they are done.

Team MTU Cork were able to genetically engineer ecoli to do this job. A perchlorate gene island was taken from Azospira suillum and given to E. coli as a gift!

Whoooo - the problem is finally solved!

The end!