Entrepreneurship Award

MSP-Maastricht 2021 iGEM team has created a viable plan on how to mobilized MethaGone as a startup business. using a collection of predictions and diagrams, we have created a feasible business plan on how we could test, mass product and sell our methane-reducing capsules.

Value Proposition

The business proposition aims to give a full scope of the activities needed to create the capsules as well as other aspects of Methagone. This assists in creating a cost structure that could be used to attract investors. Due to the straightforward nature of the capsule production after setup, it is indicative of a rewarding investment.

value proposition

Gantt Diagram

Gantt Diagram

Business Model

Here the completed business plan for MethaGone can be found. The graphics below were used to create the business plan and give a visual overview of the information that can be found in the document.

Mission Statements

Product Mission Statement

This is the statement created for the 2021 MSP- iGEM team and shows what the team project aimed to accomplished.

Company Mission Statement

In contrast the MethaGone company mission is related to the theoretical business morals and purpose

Operations Overview

operations diagram

Market Analysis

PEST and SWOT Analysis

These two basic analyses were used to critically evaluate our proposed business model in order for improvements to be made. By analyzing MethaGone from an objective standpoint we were able to recognize places where we could improve and expand our plan.


Financial Projections

In accordance with the implementation design and safety, we have postulated which operations will be conducted at which state of our startup.

Using these postulations, we have listed which assets and expenses will be required for each of the operations, and did a thorough research of the costs. Afterwards we have compiled all this information into the following cost structure.

Thanks to this cost structure we have been able to see that our business model is financially feasible. (Details are in the business plan pdf provided above.)

grand cost structure