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Parts. Delivered from MIPT_MSU

For our ambitious project of developing a targeted vesicle based delivery system, we were in need of custom-made plasmid constructions. Specifically those that would differ in a single component, as even slight changes in structure could alter the activity of the whole system. Due to our design, which was limited by the laboratory equipment, not all our composite plasmids could be submitted as parts. However, we are able to present all key components as distinct parts. Making it easier for future teams, to use our design achievements, and present their vision to this world.

This parts collection can help other teams to carry out a RNA target delivery project based on Syncytin and gag.

Name Type Description Length
BBa_K3942000 Coding ERVW-1 gene 1620 bp
BBa_K3942002 Coding HIV-1 Ψ long 356 bp
BBa_K3942003 RNA IRES 551 bp