Team:Ionis Paris/Team


Meet our team members!

Name: Quentin Naudin

Role: Team Leader

School: Sup'Biotech

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Why iGEM: Hi! I am Quentin. I joined our iGEM team because I wanted to participate in the development of a brand new project considering all the different aspects : Scientific research, collaborations, fundraising, partnerships, communication and the fact that we are developing an innovative idea in response to current world issues. (I wasn’t disappointed and I learned a lot thanks to this experience)

Best memory: One of my best memories of our adventure is when a random guy went to us (the lab team in our lab) and asked us about how he should manipulate an extreme venomous mollusque that he has at home ! Quite surprising.

Name: Marie Guillaume

Role: Secretary

School: Sup'Biotech

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Why iGEM: I joined the team because I wanted to be part of a project that we could create from scratch, but also to learn new skills, both in and out of the lab!

Best memory: My favorite memory is playing code names on our phones with the lab teams while we were waiting for our PCR.

Name: Casilda Hitier

Role: Treasurer

School: Sup'Biotech

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Why iGEM: I joined iGEM to learn more about synthetic biology and I finished by learning a lot of different things: lab skills, organizing events, communication and so on! It’s such a fulfilling experience

Best memory: One of the memories I keep from these last months is eating at the incredible Let’s Wok with the team.

Name: Julian Leduc

Role: Lab Head

School: Sup'Biotech

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Why iGEM: I chose to participate in the iGEM competition to challenge myself, taking part in an innovative project during my studies. I was also really interested in the international aspect of the competition, confirming how science and knowledge is important globally.

Best memory: My best memory is definitely playing videogames with the lab team after highly energy-consuming days of experiments spent at the lab.

Name: Camille Zany

Role: Head of Human Practices

School: Sup'Biotech

Zodiac sign: Leo

Why iGEM: I wanted to participate in iGEM because I wanted to try a new experience and I think synthetic biology is an exciting field of study!

Best memory: My best memory was doing the workshop with the students from elementary school !

Name: Morgan Vaterkowski

Role: Dry Lab

School: EPITA

Zodiac sign: Libra

Why iGEM: I joined the team to have a first experience with people who work in the biology field and discover their skills and what can be done.

Best memory: It was the occasion to make good memories, like one day when we were selling pastabox to finance our project and Quentin's girlfriend set fire to a pan in the kitchen by just putting olive oil in it, it was very funny.

Name: Benjamin Decreusefond

Role: Wiki

School: EPITA

Zodiac sign: Libra

Why iGEM: Computer lover since my childhood, iGEM is a unique opportunity for me to discover synthetic biology, a field that I always wished to mix up with computers. I'm happy to be part of the iGEM team and the iGEM project which will improve our daily lives.

Best memory: One of my favorite memories is when I met all the team members and had an amazing moment in shopping mall with them

Name: Viktoriia Ovchinnikova

Role: Sponsorship

School: Sup'Biotech

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Why iGEM: I joined iGEM with the ambition to develop a great project and have great interaction with people, and I can say that it was fulfilled. IGEM for me is an opportunity to develop my research skills, project management and a chance to productively communicate with others.

Best memory: My great memory is out first day cooking crêpes for a sale, when the machine wasn’t working but we found the solution, cooked them in the residence and managed to gain some money anyway! Crêpes and money is always good

Name: Arrya Jayasundara

Role: Human practices

School: Sup'Biotech

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Why iGEM: When it comes to synthetic biology, I’ve always been fascinated by the endless possibilities of it so when I heard about iGEM it was a no brainer for me to apply. So far, I would say that this has been a great experience and that it really boosted my enthusiasm for the field of synthetic biology.

Best memory: I’d say my best memories are making liters & liters of crepe batter and baking cakes for the team members on their birthdays.

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