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Wiki is the least important part of the project or as some might think. Wiki is the most important part of the project because it helps in communicating your work to future teams and in fact the whole STEM community. But why do we deem it as the least important? Because, almost everyone ignores it till the clock goes tick tock. The importance of building a website to convey the soul of the project is often overlooked.

After many hurdles, we tried to make our wiki functional, responsive, and compatible across all devices and browsers. The appreciation of our team members after desired results were achieved was worth everything. We tried to make this wiki user-friendly and accessible to all. While creating this wiki, we kept Search Engine Optimization(SEO) in mind as well. And if it isn't performing well in any browser, we would love to brainstorm ideas to get things better.

Wiki has nothing to do with Wikipedia (as some might think) and it’s more about creating a website dedicated to your whole project which presents the hard work of our entire team. The responsibility to relay and represent the entire idea of our project in a website was bestowed upon the shoulders of people who have declared coffee as their regular diet. The sinking of the responsibility into our psyche and then working over the website helped us bonding with team members who are dedicated in doing polar opposite types of work during the project. This, we believe, couldn’t have been possible with the optimum setup of iGEM. For that we are really thankful to the entire organisation of iGEM who gave us the opportunity to explore the “unknown unknown” , both in life and science.

We want to thank the following people and community for making our life easier:

  • Linus Torvalds for creating Linux (The largest open-source project).
  • Mark Otto, Jacob Thornton for writing Bootstrap in the first place and the open-source community managing it now.
  • Stackoverflow, every time we got stuck with bugs, you had our back.
  • VS Code, the best code editor we have used so far.
  • And many other sites like w3schools, codepen.

The backbone of our Wiki team is ANKUSH KAUSHIK. We couldn’t have done it without his skills and bad temper when the deadlines were not met. Shivam Kumar and Md Adil Aman were the next in the command line acting as Ankush’s minions. Due to the new iGEM template, we were afraid to put mathematical equations on the website. The huge responsibility of making sure the mathematical equations were presented properly was taken by Ashwin A Pillai who also made a huge contribution to the mathematical model.

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