Team:Hong Kong UCCKE/Parts


New Basic Parts:

Part code Type Short description
BBa_K3718001 Coding Transmembrane receptor with Customizable VHH region
BBa_K3718003 RNA sgRNA for arcA with terminator - transcription template
BBa_K3718004 RNA sgRNA for iclR with terminator - transcription template

New Composite Part:

Part code Type Short description
BBa_K3718012 Composite Device for knocking out arcA and iclR genes
BBa_K3718002 Composite Customizable detection and expression with increased growth
BBa_K3718005 Composite Device for testing the expression of MRP
BBa_K3718006 Composite Inducible expression of cell-growth-rescue genes and GFP
BBa_K3718007 Composite Expression unit of iclR
BBa_K3718010 Composite Demonstrative circuit of toolkit part II

Old Part:

Part code Type Short description
BBa_M36706 Coding Gene encoding IclR
BBa_K3238001 Coding Gene encoding Anoxyc Respiratory Control (ArcA)
BBa_K3425100 Coding DNA Binding Domain-caffeine nanobody fusion protein