Team:Hong Kong UCCKE/Attributions


Thanks to our members...

Project design Yoanna / Jeremiah / Chloe
Wet lab Stephy / Kyle / Uniqua / Jeremiah / Chloe
Modeling Dennis / Kyle
Wiki content Stephy / Kyle / Uniqua / Jeremiah / Chloe / Dennis
Human practice David / Uniqua / Kyle
Design, Wiki coding Chloe
Application study Stephy / Kyle / Uniqua / Jeremiah / Chloe / Dennis

Our project wouldn’t happen without our ...


United Christian College (Kowloon East)

Supervisor, Primary PI

Miss Pan Tsz Yau

Lab technician

Mr Ho Chi Wai

Instructor, Secondary PI

Hannah, Luk Hau Ching


Zara, Chui Siu Wa

Thanks for the huge support from our collaborators…

Team: Hong_Kong_HKUST

Providing modelling equations for modeling double knockout growth

Team: CityU_HK

Helping us to transform a plasmid

Special thanks for meeting us...

Dr. KONG Yuen Ching Richard

from Department of Chemistry, City University of Hong Kong,

for meetup with us to provide insights for our project




Customized DNA ordering


Software support