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Meme Gallery

Memes and jokes and everything in between

Here is a collection of memes created by HKU iGEM 2021. Sometimes, science doesn't work the way we want -- but that's ok because we can always make memes out of it to make it all better.

By meme-ing what might sometimes seem painfully lab-orious (ha!) laboratory work, we hope to attract more people to the world of synthetic biology and emphasise the joy of working together to develop a research project. We hope our Meme Gallery can appeal to science-enthusiasts (be they curious young ones, random members of the general public or other iGEM members) by highlighting experiences that might be funny or relatable to people who have spent time in a lab. Making memes has also been a way for us to cope with the ups and downs of conducting an iGEM project. It has served as documentation for our mundane moments and make them into memorable ones.


I love my labmates (most of the time)

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