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To make our project more intact and closer to the real working condition, we construct a demo of a real “APP” . With our self-designing application, we can accomplish a remote monitor and control the status of the “Box” , our hardware, via Bluetooth. This “APP” can help users to obtain the records concerning daily health data of dogs, and at the same time, deliver science tweets related to pets, playing the role as your sanitarian. Only when the software, hardware, wet lab and dry lab come in line with each other, can the project from a close loop.

Function profile

UV lamps

The user can use the “APP” to control the UV lamp once they have already obtained the connection with the ”Box”. The working parameters of the UV lamp, including the intensity of the light and the quality of the light can be altered by users according to their demand.

Sodium hypochlorite

There will be a storage module of sodium hypochlorite in our hardware. Thus, the software has the corresponding module to monitor its working performance in real time. Users can monitor the residual volume of sodium hypochlorite to make sure whether they should add some disinfectant or not. If the owner forgot to replenish in time, the “APP” will serve as a reminder to send notifications.


Tweets with pet- related content will be regularly delivered to users. Our “APP” could function more than as a bridge to connect the owners and their pets more tightly, but also a private sanitarian updating the latest knowledge about how to rise pets more scientifically.


Every canine enthusiast will not be an isolated island after using our “APP”, since it is able to bring users altogether. The score indicating daily health condition of users’ pet can be shared with friends or the users in the surrounding.

Users Direction

After opening the application, the users will be reminded to register. Once they logged in, users can opt to obtain a connection between the “Box” and their mobile phone via Bluetooth. After the app is connected, the user can operate deliberately to discover their own interest.
When the user selects the UV module, user can control the status of UV lamp and adjust the parameters. When users select the sodium hypochlorite module, the volume of the remaining sodium hypochlorite will be displayed to the user, who can decide whether to replenish it or not. Users can also compose tweets seeking for information about pets. Users can also share their pets’ health status or other information with others.
In the era of information technology, using the data logging function can help users keep track of their pets’ health status conveniently.