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PETase & Related Analogous Chimeras Transfused in Computer and AI Learning

Project Abstract

Plastic pollution has been a global issue since the last century. In this study, we provide solutions to alleviate the plastic pollution problem from multiple perspectives. We develop a dual enzyme system as chimeras between PETase and MHETase to degrade polyethylene terephthalate (PET) into its constituent monomers. The performance of PETase and MHETase cocktail mixtures is also compared for the extent of hydrolysis of amorphous PET film, and the mixture exhibits improved depolymerization activity compared with the single enzyme. A survey of 60 items, aimed to investigate knowledge, values and actions of secondary students towards plastic pollution, was designed and conducted in 4 secondary schools. The findings suggest the need for environmental education to engage students to take part in preserving the natural environment. Drone and AI technology was applied to train and develop a deep learning PET bottle detection model, which maps plastic pollution on beaches.


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