Our cooperators provided us with a lot of support. But for their help, we could not have conducted our projects and achieved the goal of the project. We would like to thank our instructors and all advisers who have assisted our projects. Also, we would like to show our deep appreciation to our sponsors.

General support from our PI

Professor H. IWAHASHI: He lent us laboratory and some devices, and offered us some equipment. And also, he cooperated on the foundation of iGEM Gifu.

Professor T. YABE: He did office procedures and budgetary control instead of us. He also gave us some tips of English writing and presentations.

Technical support from other professionals

Professor Gu (Korea University): He gave us some knowledge on aptamer.

Professor Nagai and Professor Shichiri (AIST): They helped us with giving technical advice.

Professor Horita (Gifu University): He gave us some knowledge on the current situation of clinical diagnosis.

Ryo NIWA (Kyoto University): He supervised our project and helped us with giving technical advice.

Laboratory support

Applied Microbiology laboratory and Glyco-biochemistry laboratory of Gifu University


General support from our advisor

Special thanks to our great advisor, Fumiya ITO for supporting us through the year.