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iGEM GXU China is established in this year. All of the team members come from different majors, This time we gether togather, ambitiously aim to help to sovle a real-world problem.Despite we are fledglings, we are tenacious and imaginative. We are ready for our exciting journey!

Principal Investigator

Dr. He_Zhengguo

PhD, PhD / Master tutor, Dean of the School of Life Science and Technology, Guangxi University.

Dr. Chen_Lingling

PhD, PhD supervisor / master supervisor.


Song Jiaming

Pre-hired associate professor, doctor, master tutor.

Zeng Haiyan

Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Life Science and Technology, Guangxi University.

Hu Lihua

The main instructor of our experimental gruop

Student leader

Yao Jiawei

student leader
Mainly responsible for project task arrangement, team management, competition information collection, and some experimental design and operation.

Social practice group

Guo Xingfan

Head of the practice group
Mainly responsible for the work arrangement of the practice group, team logo, project logo design, promotion vedio shooting, HP planning, wiki website code writing.

Duan Haowei

Member of the practice group
Responsible for promotion vedio shooting and post-processing, dubbing, etc., wiki website code writing and communication with other teams.

Shen Lang

Member of the practice group
Responsible for promotion vedio material preparation and shooting, wiki website material preparation, laboratory open day activity planning.

Chen Huahao

Member of the practice group
Responsible for competition information collection, some HP planning, copywriting.

Guo Yanfeng

Member of the practice group
Responsible for meeting minutes, some HP planning, and participating in the work of the experimental group.

Zhou Zhewei

Member of the practice gruop
Responsible for our WeChat subscription number,promotion vedio production and lab opening day.

Modeling group

Ji Jiayi

Head of the modeling group
Mainly responsible forthe work arrangement of the modeling group, the writing ofteam profiles,and the filtering and optimization of passwords.

Chi Zhaozhan

Member of the modeling group
Responsible for the protein dynamics simulation of the modeling group

Zhu Hongda

Member of the modeling group
Responsible for the preliminary modeling of protein structure in the modeling group.

Zhong Bocheng

Member of the modeling group
Responsible for the prediction and optimization of RBS and SD of the modeling group.

Xie Qinyi

Member of the modeling group
Responsible for the simulation of different environmental activities of proteins in the modeling group.

Lin Danyun

Member of the modeling gruop
Responsible for the protein transformation and prediction of the modeling group.

Xu Xiaolong

Member of the modeling gruop
Responsible for the strong promoter filtering of the modeling group.

Huang Songlin

Member of the modeling gruop
Responsible for the performance prediction of the strong promoter of the modeling group.

Wei Tianxia

Member of the modeling gruop
Responsible for the modeling group literature cillection and minutes of the meeting.

Experimental group

Shu Ziyi

Head of the experimental group
Mainly responsible for some experimental design and operation, project introduction and writing.

Chen Xingyu

Member of the experimental group
Responsible for the literature collection of the experimental group, and participate in the design and laboratory work of the experimental scheme.

Lin Jie

Member of the experimental group
Participate in laboratory work.

Fang Ziqiang

Member of the experimental group
Participate in laboratory work.