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We had an unforgettable time together during the months we completed the project.

We had a face-to-face interview with Professor Chen in our university and we learned a lot from her words. We discussed whether our project was creating a new life, and she gave the answer from her professional point of view. Professor Chen also enthusiastically gave us some professional advice, which later improved some of our work.

We have a lot of cooperation with Jiangnan University and Nanyang Technological University. We helped Nanyang Technological University's IGEM team translate their designed questionnaires into Chinese and collected more than 1,500 questionnaires in China. It's an impressive job, We learned from the questionnaires that the outbreak of Coronavirus has had a huge impact on many people.

Our team also held a lab open day in our school, where more than two dozen freshmen visited our lab. We introduced our project to freshmen and encouraged them to sign up for the competition next year. We also discussed their views on our project. Our lab open day is the first time that freshmen have come into contact with a biology lab, and freshmen must have learned a lot from this class. In addition, our team has set up a WeChat Official Account. Our team has published some popular science articles on this account to explain to the public what our projects can do for human society and who we can help.

We recorded the all difficulties we had encountered over the past few months. Some of these difficulties could have been avoided, but our inexperience made it take us a lot of effort to overcome them. We believe these valuable experiences can help our next team do better.

Finally, thanks to all those who have helped our project, we have worked together to make the world a better place.