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Millions of people on The Planet are affected by tuberculosis every year, according to authoritative data. At the same time, the outbreak of new coronary pneumonia remains severe, with hundreds of millions of people affecting their personal lives and possibly even life-threatening because of the COVID-19 virus epidemic. According to the WHO report, the number of tuberculosis patients will rise after the COVID-19 virus pandemic.

On the other hand, most of the people affected by both diseases live in developing countries, and they may find it difficult to afford the high cost of preventing and treating both diseases.

To alleviate the global health problems caused by tuberculosis and neo-coronary pneumonia in the post-new coronary pneumonia era, our team designed and implemented a new research project. We will design a recombinant phage that expresses the new coronavirus-specific antigen protein on the phage protein shell, which stimulates the body's immune system to produce high-level specific antibodies to the new coronavirus antigen while killing mycobacteria pathogens in the body. In future vaccine production plants, the specific fusion protein genes we have selected will be recombined into the original phage genome through the Divided Bacillus Homologous Recombination Project, which will enable energy to continuously produce a biologic agent that can treat and prevent two deadly diseases.

Because phages are highly host-specific bacterial viruses, and some phages have been used as therapeutic agents in the clinical infection treatment of some drug-resistant bacteria, we believe that the application of recombinant phages is guaranteed to human safety.

For all members of GXU-China, we believe that what we do can change the world. Change the world with technology and make the future through innovation. One stone, two birds, we think our project will have a very beneficial impact on people with tuberculosis. We can significantly reduce the cost of treatment and alleviate the suffering of patients. At the same time, we will reduce the state's health care spending to some extent, reducing the pressure on the health care system. For the foreseeable future, our efforts can save thousands of lives at a smaller cost.

Let us work together to make our project a reality and create a better world.