• Competition Deliverables
    We have completed all of the required Deliverables.

  • Attributions
    The Attributions page lists everyone who contributed to our project

  • Project Description
    Our project Description provides a detailed overview of our project.

  • Contribution
    Our contribution in iGEM has been documented thoroughly.
  • Silver🥈

  • Engineering Success
    We successfully demonstrate the expression and localization in the plasma membrane of the chimeric protein in L.Sativa

  • Collaboration
    We worked with several Greek iGEM teams and organized the Greek meetup with them. We also worked with NU Kazakhstan, who assisted us with our braille project while we assisted them with their posters and board games.

  • Human Practices
    We created an impressive series of events to meet our Human Practice requirements. We organized a debate-conversation on GMO’s, a children’s educational program based on play and an informational kiosk at our University. We also sent a letter to the Minister of education requesting to modernize biology textbooks and ways to accomplish it. We developed the braille project from the ground up.

  • Proposed Implementation
    Our team’s goal is to make the edible vaccine we developed available for veterinary and human use in the near future, particularly in developing countries.
  • Gold🥇

  • Integrated Human Practices
    In order to improve our project we interviewed a variety of experts in their fields. We changed our project based on the feedback we received from the local community. We certainly take all of their requests seriously and are working hard to make them a reality.

  • Project Modeling
    We successfully created a model for our protein giving us clues on the predicted structure, as well as on the potency of the protein as an antigen.

  • Excellence in Another Area
    We made valiant efforts to change the current national policy regarding the role of synthetic biology in schools, by contacting all the responsible powers that be (Minister of education, Governor of Crete, etc).

  • Education & Communication
    We have reached out to people of all ages to educate and inform them about synthetic biology.
  • Special Prizes🎖️

  • Integrated Human Practices
    Our Human Practice efforts have helped to shape our project from a hazy idea to a solid concept. In our iGEM project, we believe we provided an exceptional example of integrated Human Practices.

  • Sustainable Development Impact
    With our project we are helping to put an end to the current pandemic, especially in developing countries using the “One Health” approach. However, our project also lays the groundwork for the future development of edible vaccines as a solution against other viruses.

  • Model
    Start to finish approach using one of the most modern methods that enable us to get only high quality results. At first our approach successfully predicted for us five results. From those five we chose the highest ranked and relaxed it using molecular dynamics calculations giving us our final mode which was then visualized providing us valuable information on antigen structure and efficacy. .

  • Education
    We approached people of all ages with our children’s educational program based on play and other information events.