We have built 11 Basic Parts and 5 Composite Parts in total. Five Composite Parts are used to express APX1, DHAR, UGP, and VTC2 respectively.

Basic Parts

Name Type Description
BBa_K3812000 Coding APX1
BBa_K3812001 Coding DHAR
BBa_K3812002 Coding UGP
BBa_K3812003 Coding VTC2
BBa_K3812004 Reporter sfGFP
BBa_K3812005 Promoter Paox1
BBa_K3812006 Terminator CYC1
BBa_K3812011 RBS BW25113/mRFP1_RBS11
BBa_K3812012 Tag 6xHis-tag
BBa_K3812013 Terminator L3S3P21
BBa_K3812014 Plasmid pSB1C3

Composite Parts

Name Type Description
BBa_K3812007 Plasmid Coding Ascorbate peroxidase
BBa_K3812008 Plasmid Coding Dehydroascorbate reductase
BBa_K3812009 Plasmid Coding UGPase
BBa_K3812010 Plasmid Coding GDP-L-Galactose Phosphorylase
BBa_K3812016 Plasmid Express DHAR more efficiently

Part Collection

In order to better optimize BBa_K3812008 so that DHAR can be better expressed, with the help of AilurusTM, we connect BBa_K3812001 to 2500 expression vectors and introduce them into DH5α for expression. Finally, we screened out the best expression system for DHAR-BBa_K3812016.