The CHINA-FAFU team has always believed that communication and collaboration is an important part of success. We can collect suggestions from multiple parties to brainstorm and move the project forward. In the past few months, we have exchanged online with other teams, participated in several academic conferences, and established a partnership with a company. We have benefited from this and shared our experiences in an open communication.

South China Online Meeting

At the beginning of August this year, we participated in the South China Online Exchange, which was hosted by Shenzhen University and attracted 18 teams from South China to share their project designs, help solve problems in the project progress, and explore the possibility of cooperation.

In this meeting, we learned the unique solutions of other teams on how to design the projects and how to carry out the social practice. Some of the participants showed their unique interest in biodiesel, which shows that our project does have enough shining points.

CCiC Meetup

Also in August, we participated in the 8th China Regional iGEMer Exchange Conference (CCiC). The CCiC reshaped the way humans socialize, and this exchange was conducted mainly online and offline. The 3-day exchange provided an important way for us to learn about synthetic biology and other teams, which also gave us more thoughts for our own projects.

Collaboration with SCAU-CHINN

We contacted SCAU-CHINA at CCiC back in August this year, We all chose microalgae as experimental materials, the possibility of cooperation is greater.Considering that both of our teams have performed transgenic manipulation, we discussed about biosafety aspects. In addition, we also exchanged ideas on modeling directions, with our team providing some answers on mathematical modeling and the other team providing insights on biological modeling, so as to jointly promote the cooperation of both teams.

Collaboration with SCAU-CHINA , BUCT-CHINA team

In early September this year, we contacted the SCAU-CHINA and BUCT-CHINA teams to explore the possibility of collaboration. Considering that we both have microorganisms as chassis organisms, we jointly conducted a joint iGEM science presentation for the three schools, and the number of online participants reached more than 300 people. Of course, the impact of the new coronavirus forced the cancellation of our offline session, which had a certain blow to the scale of the presentation. The good thing is that the presentation was well received and strongly affirmed by Prof. Chao Zhao, whom we interviewed.

The CHINA-FAFU team has always attached great importance to the education part. After about three weeks of preparation and arrangement and brainstorming by dozens of people, the presentation went on smoothly as planned. The presentation took microorganisms as the starting point and transitioned to each team's project after introducing the iGEM competition, synthetic biology and transgenics. Below is our collaboration agreement.

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