special thanks to


Laura Schlüter for her unbelievable support, her enthusiasm that we can do it, sharing all her research experience and for being the nicest instructor we could imagine, even a few days before wiki freeze


Prof. Dr. Jörn Kalinowski for providing us with everything we needed, handling the university’s customs office and always being there for us for solving any problem Dr. Christian Rückert for redesigning primers for every imaginable purpose and for processing all of our many orders

Bielefeld University

Prisca Viehöver for her great work in sequencing all of our plasmids Levin Joe Klages for the Oxford Nanopore sequencing of our plasmids and the library
Dr. Thorsten Seidel for taking the Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy images for us Dr. Ralf Stracke for providing us with plasmids containing the cDNA for the cloning of ANTHOS
Dr. Vijay Kumar for guiding us through the PAM measurement of our RUBY reporter Victoria Gödde for her countless hours of remote guidance through the operation of the GC/MS
Andrea Voigt and the entire greenhouse team for growing all of our plants Dr. Martin Sagasser for providing us with At7 cell culture and a hypervirulent agrobacteria strain
Dr. Alexander Steffen and Mareike Elgner from the Staiger lab for providing us with several resources for RT-qPCR analysis: steel balls for cell lysis, gDNA and primers for PCR Janina Lüders for her inspiring advice during our idea phase
Daniela Holtgräwe for providing us with agrobacteria and rare antibiotics the whole Kalinowski lab, especially , Eric Thieme, Laura Schlüter, Lars Wollenschläger, who always provided us with orders from the Thermo Freezer and Lars Wollenschläger, Lucas Jacob, Matthias Otto and Svenja Vinke for answering all of our many and spontaneous questions on everything
Dr. Lutz Wobbe and Marga Ferrari for their administrative effort and for booking all the seminar rooms we needed all members of CeBiTec for providing laboratory space, advice and support
Dr. Wolfgang Hübner for providing us with decorative images of green glowing E. coli Dr. Thomas Baier for handling all our orders from NEB
Prof. Dr. Kristian Müller for giving us advice regarding the in vitro testing of our computationally designed receptor proteins and enabling us to detect the binding of our receptor in vitro, by giving us access to the SPR spectrometer and teaching us how to use it. Prof. Karsten Niehaus for his advice in how to detect our chemicals of interest with GC/MS
Dr. Marcus Persicke for his continuous support at the GC/MS

Marburg Partnership

Cedric Brinkmann for his unstoppable data mining activities in the safety forms, for his LaTex skills and for planning every detail of the iGEM Phototrophs community René Inckemann for the countless hours he invested in our partnership.
Yasoo Morimoto for the amazing moderation during the meetups and all his help with every aspect of the community Tristan Krause for being the only person, who reliably prepared the agenda before our weekly meetings
Katarzyna Lipinska for her help in the organisation of the iGEM Phototrophs community Michael Burgis for putting a lot of effort into the handbook.
Jessi Baumann and Sara Gilles for creating awesome social media templates.

Phototrophs Meet-ups

Malin Eriksson (iGEM Aboa) and Maxence Holtz (iGEM Toulouse) for planning and organizing the meetups with us. Prof. Julie Zedler for the great talk on cyanobacteria and the help in our break out sessions!
Alejandra Schiavon Osorio for the inspiring talk on CyanoGatetoolkit. Dr. Andreas Andreou for illustrating the great possibilities Mobius Assembly offers.
iGEM Kaiserslautern 2019 (Dorothée Klein, Adrian Engels) for showing us what a great phototrophic iGEM project can look like! Prof. Ilka Axmann for the great talk on how synthetic biology of phototrophic organisms can save the world!
Dr. Nicolas Schmelling for presenting his efforts of the CyanoWorld community Prof. Pauli Kallio for sharing his expertise on cyanobacteria!
Dr. Denis Jallet for troubleshooting the cyanobacteria projects. Amandine Lucchin for helping out the higher plant teams with their projects.
Dr. Marc-Sven Röll for your amazing troubleshooting help in the higher plant session. René Inckemann for the amazing support during the meetups and presenting the cloning webinar.
Prof. Jennifer Brophy for showing us her work on root architecture and logical operators in plants.


J. Prof. Dr. Boas Pucker for his great advice about our general plant cultivation, about our reporter and about creating a website. Dr. Andreas Andreou for helping us understand Mobius Assembly and checking our primer design. Stephanie Frings for sending us a GFP plant plasmid and providing us with agroinfiltration protocols
Max Edich for teaching us HTML and CSS basics. Dominik Vetter for HTML, CSS and Webdesign Beer, Happiness and Chaos ;-)

Attribution Team

  • Jonas Dauster

    • Responsible for Computational Receptor Design
    • Responsible for Wiki-Programming
    • Videoteam
    • Lab Support
    • Crowdfunding
  • Paul Goffing

    • Responsible for reporter systems (RUBY & ANTHOS)
    • Responsible for phototrophs collaboration/partnership
    • Responsible for Human Practices
    • RUBY characterization
    • Responsible for implementation
    • Library
    • Agroinfiltration
  • Matthes Haese

    • Responsible for hydroculture
    • Responsible for wiki
    • Human Practice
    • Videoteam
  • Marvin Hildebrandt

    • Responsible for Computational Receptor Design
    • Responsible for Metabolomics Analysis (RUBY)
    • Responsible for test of chemical toxicity (bacteria)
    • Responsible for Implementation
  • Mareike Keßler

    • Responsible for Sponsoring
    • reporter systems (RUBY & ANTHOS)
    • Lab Support
  • Lucas Krause

    • Responsible for Improve-a-part
    • Responsible for In-vitro receptor testing
    • Signaling cascade in bacteria
    • Tobacco signaling cascade
  • Louisa Lehmann

    • Responsible for Human Practices
    • Responsible education & communication
    • Responsible for other collaborations
    • Responsible for graphics design
    • Responsible for Bacterial signaling cascade
    • Responsible for tobacco signaling cascade
    • Implementation
    • Videoteam
  • Johnny Le

    • Responsible for social media
    • Responsible for GMO
  • Lennart Lutz

    • Responsible for Library (Darwin Assembly)
    • Responsible for Video
    • Responsible for Wiki-Programming
    • Computational Design
    • Phototrophs collaboration/partnership
    • Improve-a-Part
    • Hydroculture
    • Reporter Systems (RUBY & ANTHOS)
    • Graphics Design
    • Crowdfunding
  • Julia Macholl

    • Responsible for tobacco signaling cascade
    • Responsible for agroinfiltration
    • Responsible for RUBY characterization
    • Responsible for education & communication
    • Responsible for (other) collaborations
    • Responsible for graphics design
    • Responsible for Crowdfunding
    • Phototrophs collaboration/partnership
    • Human Practices
    • Implementation
  • Tim Prasun

    • Responsible for Bacterial signaling cascade
    • Responsible for characterization of bacterial signaling cascade
    • Responsible for receptor testing in bacteria
    • Responsible for cloning in bacteria
    • Responsible for Improve-a-part
    • Responsible for test of chemical toxicity (bacteria)
    • Computational Receptor Design
    • Hydroculture
  • Jacob Sarx

    • Responsible for Hydroculture
    • Responsible for Website
    • Education & Communication
    • Responsible for Videoteam
    • Collaborations
    • Agroinfiltration
  • Marie Schmiedekamp

    • Responsible for reporter systems (RUBY & ANTHOS)
    • Responsible for education & communication
    • Responsible for crowdfunding
    • Agroinfiltration
    • Graphics design
    • Videoteam
    • Lab support