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 Introduction -- purpose of our program
Today, synthetic biology is still a brand new topic for public. Some people have bad impression with terms such as transgenosis or XNA(artificially synthesized compound) since they believe that those are harmful and poisonous to them. However, in the real circumstance, synthetic biology is making great contribution for human society. In order to propagate gene technology to the general public, as well as to dispel misconceptions about synthetic biology, and to make people more connected to the frontiers of science, we made an education program to the public, especially children, about knowledge in synthetic biology, allowing them to understand the importance of synthetic biology in our life.
Current Progress on Biological Oil Recovery
To reach our goal, we decided to record a public science education video for child to teach them about the wide application, great advantages and benefit, as well as some basic knowledge of synthetic biology. Originally, we organized a period of time in Beijing Science Center to give a lecture for kids and their parents. Beijing science center is a public science education center that serves to teenagers. Through the display mode and technology of the combination of reality and virtuality, let the public contact the cutting-edge science and technology, experience the process of scientific research and exploration activities, intuitively feel the significance of science to human progress, explore the possibility of modern science and technology to realize human aspirations, and stimulate the public to use scientific wisdom to meet the challenges of association. We mainly focused on two parts of exhibition in it.
First part is rhyme of the life. This part seeks to make the public have an intuitive and macro understanding of life-related research fields and frontiers. Its content include reproduction of life, system of human body, ecosystem, diseases, and end of life. Those parts introduce the public basic knowledge in biology and guide the public to think scientifically about the value of life, so as to respect life and face disease and death with dignity.
Figure.1 A screenshot from the video
Second part is about surviving. It focusing on the relationship between man and nature, resources and environment. This part describes natural disasters, resource limitation, pollution, and environmental protection. By viewing this part, it can strengthen the sense of urgency of improving the living environment to the public and show the necessity of exploring effective ways of coordinated sustainable development of society, economy and ecology.
But due to spread of COVID-19, we didn’t hold it offline. Therefore, we used an alternative of recording a video to achieve our goal. 7 team members used puppets to represent ourselves in the video, with the help of the contents of the exhibition hall elements for scientific explanation. When explaining each exhibitor, in addition to the common explanations in the general biological perspective , we would add an perspective of synthesis biology in, and especially emphasize the role of synthetic biology in its potential to achieve the same or better outcome. For example, in part of lung diseases, we introduced several new method in curing lung diseases, such as modifying gene of virus to decrease the activity of virus to make vaccine. In stem cells part, we introduced a case of using synthetic biology to cure diabetes, which is modifying gene of stem cells to let it change to islet endocrine cells to make insulin to digest glucose.
In order to reach a broader range of audience, we publish the on the internet after post-editing, which credits to two of our team members.
Content in our lecture:

Origin and treatment of cancer
Lung diseases
Artificial organs
Stem cells and stem cell therapy
Secret in DNA
Increase production of wheat
Clean energy resource
Water body purification
Trash disposal


Yuyue Jiang
Mufan Yang
Shuo Yuan
Zijian Gao
Xiaotian Huang
Yuxin Yang
Zixiang Zhou

Yuyue Jiang
Shuo Yuan
Yuxin Yang

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