Team:BNDS China/Acknowledgement


Acknowledgement During iGEM 2021, we received lots of help from others, including individuals and organizations. We sincerely thank everyone who supported us during the great journey in iGEM 2021. Here we’ll acknowledge these individual and organizations. Sponsors and Collaborators New England Biolabs Snapgene We’d like to thank NEB for sponsoring us with free/discounted reagents and toolkits. These two softwares gave as lots of help. We’d like to thank them for giving us the licenses and allowing us to use these softwares. Twist bioscience We’d like to thank for Twist bioscience, which gives us chances to order DNA. Ailurus Biotech We’d like to thank for Ailurus Biotech, which helped us with test promoter strength. Sinopec Group We’d like to thank for Sinopec Group that accepted our interview and gave us the Pseudomonas aeruginosa strain used in the oiling industry. Tianheng Drug Academe Co., Ltd We’d like to thank for Tianheng Drug Academe for renting us their laboratory and helped us to carry out HPLC-MS. iGEM 2021 Team: Jilin_China We'd like to thank iGEM 2021 Team Jilin_China because they provided us 1g of anhydrous tetracycline (aTc) as the inducer of our EvolvR system. We want to thanks Qidang Ye from Links_China for offering their microplate reader for our quantificative mesurements. Dr. Xuan, Wang from Guoqiang Chen lab We are grateful to Dr. Wang from Guoqiang Chen lab for his sharing of the plasmid PQ08 and PQ85 to conduct gene editing in E. coli. Dr. Xiang Sheng We’d like to thank Dr. Sheng from Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Dr. Sheng is an expert on the modeling of enzymatic reactions and rational design of artificial enzyme, and gave us professional advices during the process of making the first model.
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